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13.01.2020 News

CES 2020 Mobile Review

Last week we saw the annual CES event held in Las Vegas. The CES is a trade show organised by the Consumer Technology Association, hosting presentations of new products and technologies in the consumer electronics industry. At the world’s biggest tech event a variety of new smartphones were introduced. Although don’t get too excited, some…

04.01.2020 Blog

Wellbeing isn’t a Buzzword – it’s critical for business success

For those who haven’t heard it (where have you been?); wellbeing is de rigueur but while few disparage its holistic sentiment, many worry that unless it can be tied down more precisely, there’s a real risk it loses meaning and becomes just another buzzword of the moment. In our view, wellbeing is a fascinating, very…

19.12.2019 Blog

Ofcom call for locked handsets to be banned

Have you ever had a mobile handset which is locked to a network? Then had to request for the handset to be unlocked to be able to use it on another network? Telecoms watchdog Ofcom wants to make it easier for consumers to switch between mobile networks, proposing that locked handsets will be banned. Ofcom…

16.12.2019 News

Active Digital Christmas Party

On Friday the 13th we held our Christmas party at the Hotel Du Vin in Tunbridge Wells. A fabulous evening of divine food and laughter. All the team got together to enjoy an evening of festive celebrations. A tradition of Active Digital is to announce the Employee of the Year. Throughout the year Active Digital…

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