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18.01.2022 News

How has the Covid-19 pandemic changed the future of work?

Perhaps it’s clear to see that remote work and virtual meetings are likely to continue, albeit less intensely than at the pandemic’s peak. To paint a better picture of this change, research from McKinsley how work has changed across more than 2,000 tasks used in some 800 occupations in the eight focus countries. Considering only remote…

11.01.2022 News

Virgin Media O2 connects Scotland to next-generation gigabit broadband

Virgin Media O2 has recently announced that it has connected its entire network of 1.2 million homes in Scotland to gigabit broadband, offering connectivity 19 times faster than the Scottish average. The switch on means that 2.8 million Scots – more than 50% of the population – can now access gigabit broadband with average download…

10.01.2022 News

Virgin and O2 will not introduce mobile roaming charges this year for UK customers in EU

In good news announced on 9th January 2022, the newly combined company, Virgin Media O2 is poised to become the only UK mobile network not to bring back the charges, as it works hard to drive change in a busy mobile and broadband market. Customers of the Virgin Media O2 phone network will not face…

04.01.2022 News

Active Digital – A Year in Review

As we stride positively into 2022 and say farewell to 2021, it has been another unique year for the business. Not only did most of our team go permanently hybrid, but many also thrust themselves into adopting a modern way of working with ease. The future most certainly looks bright for Active Digital as we…

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