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07.11.2019 News

Active News Bites – November

This month we celebrate 23 years of Active Digital! 23 years ago, brother and sister, Richard and Joanne Groves, embarked on becoming the best in class for business mobiles. Selling his golf clubs and setting up business in a blue shed, they haven’t looked back. Together they have built a multi award winning communications company,…

01.11.2019 News

Embracing the Digital Wallet

Ever left home without your wallet and felt lost? Well, things are starting to change and leaving your wallet at home on purpose could become a daily habit. What if your future travels, both home and abroad meant you don’t have to bring your wallet everywhere? Payment apps You can load a credit card or…

26.10.2019 News

Shared Rural Network Announcement

Today we are hearing that the Government have confirmed they are championing a £1million deal to eliminate poor signal in rural areas. So what does Shared Rural Network (SRN) mean? Do you struggle with mobile signal in rural areas, cant make/ receive calls and end up pointing your phone in every which way to try…

11.10.2019 News

Active News Bites – October

The all new iPhone 11! September saw Apple launch, not one, but three new iPhones! iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. Now with a dual and triple camera and 12MB wide and ultra-wide lens, allowing you to capture four times more scene and natural looking images. Also supporting 4K videos which is amazing…

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