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12.12.2019 News

Half of all smartphones sold in 2023 ‘will be 5G’

According to, 5G smartphones will account for more than half of all mobile phone sales by 2023 as manufacturers seeking to arrest the ongoing contraction of the market. According to Gartner, sales of devices (PCs, tablets and mobile phones) will fall by 3.3 per cent in 2019 to 2.2 billion. But it is mobile…

09.12.2019 Blog

Preparing Kids For A Future Disrupted By Technology

Research shows that using next generation tech in the right ways can make students smarter, more engaged and more creative inside and outside of the classroom. The challenge for educators is not to dismiss or keep up with students’ latest technological know-how, but to create meaningful learning experiences in which students are taught how to apply…

18.11.2019 Blog

iPhone Security – all you need to know

To get the latest security protections against viruses, exploits and whatever other nasty stuff is out there, it’s wise to keep the software for our devices updated. For iPhones, that’s especially true now. That’s because Apple’s iOS 13, the most recent mobile software for iPhones, has arrived. Similar updates to iPadOS, the operating system for…

01.11.2019 News

Embracing the Digital Wallet

Ever left home without your wallet and felt lost? Well, things are starting to change and leaving your wallet at home on purpose could become a daily habit. What if your future travels, both home and abroad meant you don’t have to bring your wallet everywhere? Payment apps You can load a credit card or…

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