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06.01.2023 Blog

Business Phone Solutions: The Difference Between VoIP and SIP

When you’re in the market for business phone solutions, the barrage of different acronyms can get confusing fast. Choosing the right solution is crucial, because you need to make sure it can fit your business’s requirements. We have a number of blogs on our website which break down the basics, but one topic we’re yet…

11.11.2022 Blog

Business Phone Solutions: 4 Industries VoIP Benefits Most

For decades, communication tech has been rapidly evolving. We’ve come a long way since traditional landlines were one of the only ways for businesses to communicate. Now, with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), business communications can be fast and efficient. Business phone solutions can be ideal for most types of business, but for some industries-…

30.03.2022 News

Landline Replacement – VoIP Solutions – Are You Ready?

Landline Replacement We’re all familiar with the copper wire telephone network: in use since 1876, it’s kept business communications’ going for years. But that’s all about to change. BT Openreach has announced it intends to switch off the traditional, copper-based telephone network in 2025. This is commonly referred to as the PSTN Switch Off. While…

16.08.2021 News

5 Powerful Business Benefits of VoIP

Is your organisation ready? As BT draws the curtain on ISDN/PSTN, you have until 2025 to find an alternative solution to your telephony and business internet requirements. By 2025, old style ISDN phone networks will be switched off, in fact many providers have already stopped offering new contracts. Whether you work in IT, Finance, Facilities…

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