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Business Phone Solutions: 4 Industries VoIP Benefits Most

For decades, communication tech has been rapidly evolving. We’ve come a long way since traditional landlines were one of the only ways for businesses to communicate. Now, with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), business communications can be fast and efficient. Business phone solutions can be ideal for most types of business, but for some industries- particularly those that require both local and international calls- VoIP is becoming increasingly crucial. 

In today’s blog, we’ll be breaking down the industries that benefit most from Voice over Internet Protocol.

business phone solutions

Business Phone Solutions for eCommerce

When it comes to buying products online, many customers like having the option to call the company with queries, or for advice. Phone calls have, and likely always will be, an integral part of eCommerce. 

With a VoIP solution, you can set up a ‘Click to Call’ button. This would allow your customers to call your business via your own website. This can do wonders for increasing consumer confidence and therefore sales, because it’ll make your business feel local, wherever your customers are calling from. 

You’ll also be able to access call reports, which will allow you to analyse the data of your calls and take any relevant action. 

VoIP Solutions for Hospitality 

In the hospitality industry, businesses are taking large numbers of calls at the same time. Calls could be constantly coming in to the front desk, and for the likes of hotels, every room will need to have a line of its own. Not to mention the lines required for each individual department. With a business phone solution, you’d be sparing your business a lot of hassle, and ensuring seamless, uninterrupted communications. 

Business Phone Solutions for Customer Service

For call centres and customer service centres, taking calls from customers tends to be most of the job. Large amounts of calls are being taken every day, many at the same time. A business phone solution, then, is perfect for businesses like these. Operational costs are lower because cloud solutions require minimal, if any, investment when it comes to the installation of actual hardware. Wait times will also be reduced, thanks to intelligent call routing. 

With the ability to record calls, you’ll be able to monitor and analyse the performance of your callers. If they’re underperforming, you’ll be able to give them advice that’s actually helpful.  

VoIP Solutions for Healthcare

Healthcare establishments like hospitals tend to receive a high volume of calls from patients regarding appointments, emergencies, and general queries. That’s why there’s often multiple rounds of recorded menus before you get through to anyone- to cut down those calls to only the most necessary.  

With automated call routing, all call overflow can be handled with ease. This is particularly crucial when it comes to emergency calls, as the likelihood of those calls being answered immediately increases. 

At Active Digital, we offer business phone solutions regardless of your business’s size, or requirements. To find out more about how we could help your business, head to our Services page or contact Active Digital on 01892 835522.

business phone solutions

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