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The Big Switch Off 2025 – Are you Prepared?




Looking for powerful solutions to upgrade your telecom systems? Here at Active Digital, we help clients to implement systems and solutions that drive efficient communications and future proof businesses for years to come.

The humble landline will become a thing of the past in 2025 when the copper cable that brings traditional call technology to homes and businesses across the UK is switched for an internet-based connection. But don’t worry, you’ll still be able to chat for hours on a traditional handset if you wish, you’ll just be connected differently. So, what will the Big Switch Off mean for UK businesses how will it all work?

Here’s our quick guide with everything you need to know: –

Why is ISDN being switched off?

Broadband internet speeds have vastly improved and with faster speeds, ISDN cannot compete. With a usage decline of more than 30% over the last five years, these legacy systems, with their higher maintenance and running costs, are now deemed out of date. That’s hardly surprising given that they still rely on the same design and setup as the original phone lines of the 1800s. With all other areas of technology progressing at lightning speed, your telecoms system must keep pace.

With our support and guidance, we are working with customers to make the move to the cloud as soon as possible with the legacy telephone network due to be completely switched off by 2025. In understanding the way your business operates we can recommend a solution to suit you knowing that it is also scalable for the future. When making the important switch to VoIP, you can choose from two options: –

  • On-premises VoIP systems

 Hardware and software is required to run the platform and must be installed and housed somewhere on your site. That leads to a higher initial setup cost but usually translates to lower monthly expenses. However, you’ll also be responsible for maintenance costs.

  • Hosted VoIP systems

This full cloud-based system is hosted off-site and typically includes desk phones which connect to your Local Area Network. A provider is responsible for maintaining the technology and the service in return for a monthly fee. The initial set-up and equipment costs are lower than an on-premises system and any upgrades, maintenance and programming are handled by the provider, which makes life easier for you.

In summary, here are 5 Key Benefits for switching to VoIP from a PSTN or ISDN system: –

  • Financial Savings – VoIP offers more cost-effective packages and calls. This also extends to free calls between different sites and offices and even free international calls.
  • Full of Capabilities – There’s a wide range of capabilities to a VoIP solution simply than voice calls. Your system can come with features such as instant messing and video calling.
  • A System that Grows with your Business – VoIP can easily grow with your business at a very low cost, as you can add or remove new telephone lines quickly as your requirements change.
  • Mobile Connectivity – with a cloud-based VoIP system, your users can connect from wherever they are using a mobile, tablet or laptop and make and receive calls just as easily as they could in the office.

Need Help Making the Switch?

If you are ready to upgrade to VoIP but don’t know where to start, please contact our digital team who are ready to help build the perfect business telephone solution to suit your needs And if you want to upgrade your internet connection to accommodate VoIP, then we can help you with that, too.

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