Children’s SIM

At Active Digital, we’ve pioneered the most reliable method to safeguard your child’s smartphone experience. Our exclusive Children’s SIM is accessible solely through Active Digital, ensuring unparalleled protection.

Here’s what sets us apart:


Effortless Management with Simple SIM
Managing your account online is a breeze with our user-friendly online interface. No technical expertise required. Use our app to monitor data consumption in an easy and transparent way. Ask for a free demo to find out more.

Quality-Tested Pre-Loved iPhones
We know that providing new iPhones to children can be costly and there is also a risk that the child may accidentally lose or damage their phone. Therefore, you may like to explore our pre-loved selection of iPhones which have been approved and quality tested by our technical team. We always stock a range of preloved smartphones at prices that won’t break the bank. Quality and affordability combined. A brilliant way to set up your family securely with children’s SIM for a price and set-up that ticks all the boxes.

What’s Included 


Join us at Active Digital with our Children’s SIM for unparalleled protection and a worry-free smartphone journey for your child, complete the form below to sign up.

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