19.10.2023 BLOG

Active Digital becomes a Gamma Technical Alliance Partner


Active Digital is delighted to announce that they have extended their partnership with Gamma as a new Technical Alliance Partner. We have worked hard together over the last 18 months to put ourselves in a position where we can extend the breadth of products and solutions we provide to our customers and this new technical partner status enables us to continue our successful relationship further.

Active Digital’s partnership with Gamma represents a strategic alliance built on a foundation of excellence and revolution in the telecom and technology sectors. This collaboration reflects Active Digital’s commitment to providing innovative technology solutions and services to its clients. By teaming up with Gamma, a renowned name in the industry, we can offer our customers a range of advanced telecom and cloud-based services including broadband and lease line tailored to their specific needs. This partnership is a testament to our dedication to staying at the forefront of technology and providing clients with the best tools and services to thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Active Digital CEO, Richard Groves commented, “we have ambitious growth plans for 2024 and beyond and after being a Gamma partner for almost a decade, we are pleased to achieve Gamma’s status as a Technical Alliance Partner. This status is a real credit to the sales and support team here at Active Digital.”

On 11th October 2023, two our team members, Jo and Pavel travelled up to Birmingham to attend Gamma’s annual partner conference, Gammaverse. This was an extraordinary tech convention that beckoned them to the heart of the tech universe. This wasn’t just any tech event; Gammaverse was a relationship where the lines between reality and the digital world blurred, and where dreams became real. The event’s opening speaker took the stage, Priya Lakhani, the Founder and CEO of CENTURY Tech, an AI-driven educational technology firm dedicated to crafting ground-breaking learning tools for educational institutions and employers worldwide. Priya recounted her entrepreneurial journey, highlighting her initial lack of interest in technology. However, she wisely identified a gap in the market, capitalising on AI’s potential to customise learning experiences, thus enhancing education and student performance. She emphasised her resilience, persisting despite numerous rejections.

The discussion shifted towards the vast potential of their VOIP product, Horizon, as the backend for Microsoft Voice connectivity, with less than 10% of teams’ licenses being voice-enabled. Gamma introduced their Gamma Elements portfolio, categorising existing products into subcategories like Gamma Enable, Gamma Connect, Gamma Experience, Gamma Secure, and Gamma Solutions. They showcased Horizon Contact’s vital role in healthcare, expediting patient-doctor communication with features like scheduling call-backs while in the queue.

The conversation gravitated towards the impending PSTN switch-off in 2025, underscoring the need for increased awareness among customers and businesses to facilitate the transition to VOIP. This transition presents a substantial opportunity for enhanced call routing with services like Horizon, eliminating the need for onsite PBX systems.

Modernisation’s significance was highlighted, with the agreement that innovation lacking practicality amounts to mere gadgets. Ant Morse projected the future of modernisation involving smart glasses, harnessing AI to offer on-the-go email summaries and local recommendations. These glasses may transform the field of view into a powerful marketing tool. During lunch, discussions with Dubber revealed their AI model’s remarkable ability to accurately identify complaints and harassment, distinguishing them from casual banter. The event concluded with Louis Theroux’s insightful remarks on relationship building during interviews, attributing it to humour and vulnerability. He stressed his preparation and clear narrative objectives for his interviews, with additional anecdotes from his experiences with various, interesting industry sectors.



About Gamma

Gamma is a leading supplier of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) in the UK, German, Spanish and Benelux business markets. It is AIM listed and employs 1650 people. With a range of UCaaS, Mobile and Connectivity services, Gamma provides robust and secure solutions that enable organisations to communicate, collaborate and offer a better customer experience.
Gamma’s largest market is in the UK where the company’s network-based services are supplied to SME, Public Sector and Enterprise markets through a network of 1000+ channel partners and its own direct sales and support capabilities. In addition, Gamma owns Exactive, a Unified Communications specialist and Microsoft Teams Voice Partner.

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