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Why Pre-Loved iPhones are a Good Purchase

If you don’t like the idea of buying a second-hand phone because you’re worried about where it has come from or its history, buying a refurbished, pre-loved handset from Active Digital is a much safer option.

As an Apple partner, all the Apple iPhone and iPad devices we have in our pre-loved section of our website have originally been purchased from us and used by our customers. When our business customers upgrade their fleet of devices (normally in quantities of 100s of devices), we collect them, clean them, wipe, and test them. Once they have completed our quality control process, they can be re-sold to other Active Digital customers as part of a fantastic sustainability program. A program we endorse, value and welcome to protect our planet.

As pre-loved devices, it’s clear to understand that these are not brand new, and often, they won’t be this year’s models, but they have been wiped then cleaned of any data and content, spruced up the innards and given the outside a polish.

The result? A phone that looks and works as new. For example, you can pick up a refurbished 64GB iPhone 12 for a brilliant price, and hundreds of pounds cheaper than a new model. And to use it, you wouldn’t know the difference.

Take a look at our new online store and all devices are subject to availability.

How good are refurbished iPhones?

Because refurbished iPhones have been thoroughly tested and restored to full working order, they are usually as good as new. However, a refurbished handset probably won’t arrive in its original packaging and might not come with all the usual accessories, like chargers and headphones. On the plus side, it should come with a one-year warranty, but be sure to check that before you buy one.

Refurbished iPhones Grading

All refurbished phones are given a grade that reflects their condition. There’s no universally applied standard for grading, so it’s best to check before buying.

But as a rule of thumb, the grades range from 1-3 and break down like this:

Grade Status 1 Good working order, no physical damage and a good screen, there might be some small wear and tear on the chassis
Grade Status 2 May have some minor scratches to the screen as well as the chassis, which should not have any deep grooves but might be visible
Grade Status 3 Same as above but may have some minor scratches to the screen as well as the chassis, which should not have any deep grooves but might be visible

How much cheaper are refurbished iPhones?

You can save hundreds of pounds by buying a refurbished phone instead of a brand-new one, particularly on slightly older models. If you’re hoping to buy the very latest smartphone, you might well be able to pick up a refurbished handset, but you’ll enjoy a much bigger discount if you opt for a last year’s phone, or even the year before.


Are refurbished phones sustainable?

Yes, the good news is that not only are refurbished phones a lot cheaper than new handsets, but they’re also more eco-friendly. This is because a phone that was returned is being given a new lease of life. And it’s a lot better for the environment to resell an old phone, rather than a new one.


Can our business buy bulk iPhone devices?

Yes, absolutely. If your organisation is looking to buy a number of pre-loved iPhones, please do contact us. Equally, if you have any older iPhones which need to be traded in or recycled, we can do that for you also.


Donating or recycling your old devices

Around 1.9 million households in the UK don’t have access to the Internet. Environmental charity Hubbub is helping reconnect households with their loved ones and essential online services by refurbishing and redistributing used smartphones, so that’s a nice option of something to do with any older, working devices that need a new home. However, if your phone isn’t in donating condition, it can probably still be recycled for valuable parts and metals.


Rather go with a new phone contract?

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