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Why mid-range devices are more than just great value

The spotlight has always been on the flagship devices. They seem to command the top spot every time. But, we ask, why go all out on costs when there are some really great value options to consider?

We spoke to a client, just last week, who was over the moon when he purchased one hundred iPhone SE (2020) for his team. He spent around twenty minutes explaining how good these devices were and how he was able to make the IT budget go further.

For the large majority of people, a mid-range phone will actually provide the best value. They offer some high-end specs while bringing the price tags way down. Sometimes these are older devices that once were flagships and sometimes they are more affordable models a brand has released.

What are mid-range devices?

In the mid-range arena, you’ll find smartphones that are mid-priced, found neither at the premium end of the market nor in the budget ranges. Created by the sheer volume of competition between modern phone manufacturers, the mid-range space offers an impressive list of devices which will make your money go further; all from manufacturers you love and trust.

What to look for in a great mid-range smartphone

Everyone’s smartphone ‘wish list’ are different, so the first step is to work out what your company / business needs are. What are the priorities from the employees? Great battery, better quality camera if a media company? In most cases, we often find that battery life and easy to use devices come pretty high on the list. In all cases we suggest you take a look at the phone’s internal specifications. The ‘GSM Arena’ website is a brilliant portal to easily look at the device specifications, plus you can do a ‘side by side’ comparison against another smartphone on your short list.

Whatever you are looking for, you’ll want a processor that’s powerful enough to keep up with all the applications you’re going to use, now and in a year or two’s time. While you’re at it, check that there’s plenty of internal storage too. If this can be expanded with a microSD card, that could be a great consideration also.

Here’s our guide on our top 3 ‘best in class’ mid-range smartphones you can buy for business:

1. iPhone SE (2020): Apple’s best-value iPhone

As an Apple partner, we genuinely love everything Apple and the iPhone SE (2020) is a big winner for us. Our customers love it…especially the price as it is great value for money. This small and mighty iPhone SE (2020) uses the same speedy processor as the iPhone 11 – the A13 Bionic – and its camera is up to the job, too. The only fly in the ointment is that its battery life is not as powerful by modern standards, but that’s nothing the speedy 18w charging unit can’t fix. The iPhone SE is a solid choice if you don’t want a huge screen to hold with your claw hand. The 4.7in screen is perfect to pop in your suit pocket.

2. Motorola Moto G8 Power: A Powerful device for great battery life

The Moto devices are a good seller at Active Digital. We’ve often recommended Motorola’s affordable G-branded phones in the past, and the G8 Power is the best one yet. The Moto G8 Power offers best-in-class battery life, lasting an incredible 22hrs 27mins in our video playback test. There’s little else on the market right now that can compete at this price – so if battery life is at the top of your agenda, the G8 Power is the perfect option.

3. Samsung Galaxy A51: A brilliant Android device for under £300

The Samsung Galaxy series of phones doesn’t begin and end with the S and Note lines. Samsung’s A-series line-up is a very different proposition, offering flagship-like goodies without the high price tag – and the Galaxy A51 is no different. The A51 an impressive, affordable smartphone that not only looks good, but also has a great screen and more than enough power for most people – even if its processor isn’t as fancy as its siblings.
It also takes great pictures for the price, and if battery life is at the top of your smartphone-buying agenda, then you’re in luck. The Galaxy A51 lasted 19 hours in our battery life test. If you’re a Samsung fan, or simply want a reliable yet impressive smartphone that doesn’t cost the earth, then the Galaxy A51 might be the phone for you.

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