06.09.2023 BLOG

What’s Coming to iOS 17!

iOS 17 is set to come out mid-September and will be packed with new and exciting features that will help you make the most out of your iPhone device. Here are some of the highlights we have picked out…

Contact Posters

Contact posters allow users to further customise what their call recipient sees when a call is made. This means that you can add pictures, captions and various backgrounds to customise how your call looks like to the recipient. Therefore, call recipients are aware of your company logo, brand name and any short text before they even pick up the phone! Leaving a positive first impression.


Journal is a new app that pulls together your pictures along with music and locations to personalize journaling suggestions. These suggestions can be used and altered to make posts on your social media, blogs and websites and can make the struggle of deciding what to post a lot easier.


That amazing contact poster you just made can be transferred to any iPhone by just holding the phones together. This will make is a hassle-free way to share contact info at meetings and in the field.

Airdrop via Internet

Normally when an airdrop transfer is initiated you need to be within a certain close distance of the other device for the transfer to complete. With this update once the transfer has started the two devices no longer need to be in close proximity for the transfer to continue. If the devices loose connection, as long as they are connected to the internet, the transfer will continue and complete.

Check In

With Check In you can be alerted when an employee has reached their destination. If they stop making progress, the phone checks in with them, and if they don’t respond, it shares helpful information like the location, cell service status or battery life of their iPhone. Any information that is shared is end-to-end encrypted.

Video Voicemail

When someone misses your facetime call you can leave them a video message instead of a voicemail. You can also use the same features such as portrait mode and studio light to make a professional video voicemail.


When your iPhone is charging turn it landscape and it can be customized to show a calendar, clock, photos or any Smart Stack Widgets. This will make your work phone useful when you’re not even using it and look a lot more professional at the office.

Safari Profiles

With Safari you can now create separate profiles for Work and personal. This will separate the extensions, cookies, favourites and open tab groups and can make it easier to get into work mode.

Visual Look Up

You can now take a picture of your favourite dish and your phone will look up the recipe, it can even look stuff like plants and even animals from videos you have taken. You just need to pause a video and tap and hold and what you want to find out more about

N.B – Apple IOS 17 preview, Apple. Available at: https://www.apple.com/ios/ios-17-preview/ (Accessed: 25 August 2023).

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