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Ways to Secure Your Family’s Digital Home and Lifestyle

Gartner forecasts that an estimated 14.2 billion connected things would be in use by the end of 2019, and that the total will reach 25 billion by 2021. These are impressive numbers producing immense volumes of data.

The ability of some IoT devices is staggering and growing! Data collection ability from smart devices and services on the market is far greater than most of us realise. Rooms, devices, and apps come equipped with sensors and controls that can gather and inform third parties about consumers.
The increase in IoT devices is just one reason security and privacy concerns are rising.
In mid-2018, the European Union implemented the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). GDPR has led to similar security and privacy initiatives in several nations around the world. In the United States, California recently passed a tougher privacy law.

What does this mean for you?

Paying close attention to security is essential; especially in lockdown when you are on your devices more than ever. We know that managing and protecting multiple devices is no easy task, so we are here to help make sure you have the right protection software which gives you antivirus, identity and privacy protection for your PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets—all in one subscription.

Thanks to security apps including McAfee Multi Access from O2 and Active Digital, you to enjoy the best protection, ensuring your family can work or play online securely, with minimum effort.

With McAfee Multi Access you are in control. An easy-to-use online management console means you can add and control users, as well as add and manage settings for particular devices. In short, it means you’re always in complete control.

Here are 3 ways it can help keep your business and family devices watertight, so you can concentrate on the important stuff without having to worrying: –

1. Automated installation for each device
If all of your devices are connected, one virus can cause your business to come crashing down in an instant. With just one simple link, owners can use McAfee Multi Access to automatically detect the device they’re using and ensure the relevant security is installed on each one. It also carries out automatic updates, so there’s no need to worry about outdated software being unable to hold off ever more sophisticated cyber-attacks

2. Use McAfee’s Safe Key feature to remember passwords

In a world of increasingly smart hackers it’s vital to use complex passwords and never use the same one more than once. Tougher passwords, of course, can be difficult to remember, which is where McAfee comes in. The safe key feature allows you to create one master password, and the software will then generate complex and safe individual logins for all your accounts and then remember them so that you don’t have to.

3.Track, lock or wipe devices remotely
Losing a device needn’t mean game over. With McAfee you can locate and track the location of all your synced devices. If your crucial laptop or smartphone is somewhere it shouldn’t be, you can wipe or lock it remotely (or both). It’s also possible to set an alarm on a lost phone so it can be located more easily.

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