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Top 5 Exciting Samsung Galaxy AI features!

Samsung Galaxy AI is now available on S24 Series, S23 Series, S22 Series, S21 Series, Z4 Series and Z3 Series Samsung Galaxy devices. Get yours now from our store / contact the team.

The Samsung Galaxy AI is a versatile tool that can be utilised in countless ways to enhance your daily life and work efficiency. How are you currently using AI in your business? Here are the top 5 ways you can make the most out of Galaxy AI today: 

Samsung Galaxy

Samsung AI Features

Circle to Search – Whether you’re exploring a new product, discovering an unfamiliar landmark, or delving into a topic of interest, Circle to Search streamlines the process by instantly retrieving relevant information and providing useful links by circling anything on your screen.

How to enable: Settings > Display > Navigation bar > Circle to search

Generative Wallpapers – Enhance your Galaxy device with unique, customised wallpapers created from selected prompts.

How to enable: Pinch on Home screen > Wallpaper and Style > Change Wallpapers > Creative > Generative

Live phone call translate – Galaxy Ai ensures language barriers are effortlessly overcome, Whether you are making a restaurant reservation in Spain or booking a Hotel in Germany, Galaxy Ai can translate your speech into the native language in real time as well as translate it back to your native language in return.

How to enable: Settings > Advanced features > Advanced Intelligence > Phone > Live translate

Writing assistant – Finding the correct wording for an important email can be essential, with Galaxy Ai features for Samsung Keyboard, your writing can be reworded to suit any writing style from professional to casual to social with automatic emojis and hashtags.

How to enable: Settings > Advanced features > Advanced Intelligence > Samsung Keyboard > Style and grammar

Photo editor and instant slow-mo – Generative fill for Samsung’s photo editor means you can re-order subjects, change orientation and delete any unwanted crowds in the background, you can also make use of instant slow-mo when editing videos to render any video in true slow motion This advanced functionality leverages AI to add frames, ensuring a smooth and seamless playback experience.

How to enable: Gallery > Click on the photo you want to edit > Pencil icon on bottom left > Blue icon with white stars

Gallery > click on the video you want to edit > Pencil icon on the bottom left > ½ in middle of screen

Samsung Galaxy

Take advantage of these powerful Ai features at your fingertips and elevate your Galaxy experience today. Contact our team to get your hands on a Samsung Galaxy device and start exploring the limitless possibilities of Galaxy AI.

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