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The Apple announcement we’ve all been waiting for

Finally, the wait for the 2021 Apple announcement is over and as usual, Apple did not disappoint in their virtual event held on 20th April. There are number of new products for the spring season of this year and at Active Digital we are looking forward to providing you with the new iPhone and iPad. To celebrate the new launch, we will be giving you a rundown of the new products which will be available to pre-order from 30th April 2021.

As guessed, the new iPad Pro 2021 was the main event of the announcement, introducing a larger and taking the iPad Pro to a supercharged level. This new product features thunderbolt which will enhance performance, battery power and faster services. Thunderbolt will enable you to download apps, documents, videos and much more, faster than ever before. The new iPad will be able to connect to 5G networks giving you the opportunity to work on the go and in conjunction with the thunderbolt, give you longer battery power to be able to do so. This product features a liquid retina display, far better camera quality and studio quality mics.

The iPhone 12 has been the most popular iPhone yet and to celebrate its success Apple has introduced a new colour. This purple/lilac colour fits their spring theme and looks amazing featuring the glass back.

In other news, the new Apple TV 4k has some exciting new features available including Apple fitness+, Airplay, Apple arcade and you will be able to connect your TV to your AirPods. The TV has a new display, smarter remote and you will have access to even more programs of your choice.

The iMac has improved not only in efficiency but also in style. The new iMac is 11.5 mm thin, has a 24-inch display and comes in bold new colours to fit your surroundings. Better still, the new iMac has new mouses, control pads and keyboards to fit your needs and colour scheme. The efficiency of the new iMac has an M1 chip which has breakthrough performance and longer lasting power. Apple has made sure to stay environmentally friendly by using recycled aluminium inside of the iMac.

Finally, the last but probably best product that Apple has realised is the Airtag. Apple has been teasing us with this new product for a while and its eventually arrived. Airtag is a bottle cap sized disc that you attach to your possessions so that if you lose them, they can be tracked through the Find My app which will guide you directly to your Airtag. Apple are aware that privacy is important to their customers and so they have made sure the Airtag doesn’t pick up unwanted tag detections, rotating identifiers and audible alerts from unwanted tags. Apple have also done a collaboration with Hermès providing leather Airtag holders to attach your Airtags to your belongings for example, keys, luggage and more.

That’s it for the roundup and we hope that you are as impressed with the new Apple launch as we are at Active Digital. Apple never seems to let us down with their huge collection of upgrades. If you love the new products pre order your new iPhone and iPads with us at Active Digital now. Pre-order your Apple products with Active Digital, by using our website Live Chat or please contact your Account Manager.

Image credit: Apple

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