eSIM & Dual Network

Emerging cellular technology trends have dramatically impacted not only the functionality that IoT devices are capable of, but also the devices themselves. Furthermore, the individual modules within IoT devices may also have to be updated. The evolution of the SIM card (Subscriber Identity Module) card has come a long way since 1991. eSIM technology is available from Active Digital and many of our customers are now using eSIM. A simple and smart embedded SIM card which is programmable SIM which integrates directly into a mobile device.

Advantages of eSIM

There are many advantages of eSIM. For example, if you are considering using more than one network, eSIM allows you to store more than one network in it and you will be able to switch quickly between them. So, you could use one number for business and another number for personal calls or have a data roaming SIM for use in another country. You could even have completely separate voice and data plans. Furthermore, eSIM can be very handy if you find yourself with no signal. Up to five virtual SIM cards can be stored on one eSIM at a time.

This means you can quickly switch between different networks if you find yourself in an area without a signal on your usual network.

In summary, eSIM uses less physical space and eventually this will negate the need for a physical SIM card and its tray. Smartphone manufacturers could potentially use this space to increase a phone’s battery size or add more features to a handset. There is also the potential to make handsets smaller in some cases. The real space advantage is for wearables such as smartwatches, as people want to wear smaller, more portable wearable devices on their wrist. The Apple Watch Series 5 and Series 4 already have eSIMs, as do Samsung Gear S2 and Gear S3 smartwatches.

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“eSIM allows you to store more than one network in it, you will be able to switch quickly between them”

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