Mobile Voice Recording

Does your business need to keep track of conversations between your staff and customers? And to ensure that best practice is always followed? Mobile Recording from O2 could help. With mobile recording services from Active Digital, you can record calls and text messages on any mobile device. Our solution is easy-touse and secure. And will keep you compliant, even if you’re overseas.

Our intelligent voice cloud platform is available to Enterprise and Government requiring scaled cloud infrastructure for storing, managing, and processing large volumes of voice data. It acts as the core infrastructure on which new services are built and from which conversational data, recordings and intelligence is delivered.

  • Users won’t need to log their calls manually or launch an app. Our solution is built with a seamless user experience in mind
  • Let your people use whichever devices and operating systems work for them. Our solution will do its job. You can replay calls and texts in an instant
  • Your business doesn’t need to worry about your calls or texts getting into the wrong hands. Delivered via our CAS(T) accredited network, our solution gives you highly secure storage
  • Mobile Recording from O2 Meets BS10008 legal admissibility requirements. And the one-time GDPR announcement cuts the time to give explicit consent for data use

Five reasons to deploy MVR

  1. Free critical conversational recording from costly data and application silos
  2. Reduce archival and storage complexity and compliance risk
  3. Apply true AI, NLP and machine learning to conversational data
  4. Easily integrate conversational data with applications and big data sets
  5. Create new services and uses for conversational data

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