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Remote Working is Big Business in 2019

Where going to the office used to be a mandatory requirement, companies are now designing their workplace culture to fit in with a variety of flexible lifestyle choices. Fundamentally, businesses are becoming people-centric rather than work-centric. Flexible and remote working has become one of the most recognisable workplace trends over the past few years and the biggest enabler of this has been technology.

With a huge expansion in the number of devices and mobile applications which are driving better communications and efficiencies among the workforce, more so than ever, people can set up the office from anywhere. An increasing number of companies across the globe are adopting a flexible approach, where people can work from home or remotely. Some team members even work remotely full-time if their job does not involve meeting external clients or stakeholders. This is commonly the case for technology engineers, digital marketers and in-house designers. Hence the rise of the “digital nomad”.

According to a report published on Vitality.co.uk, in 2017, UK employees lost 11.7% of their working hours due to absence. The productivity loss is highest in the wholesale and retail trade sector and in the education sector. Employees who are able to work flexible hours and/or work from home lose less working hours due to absence, do more physical activity and feel significantly less fatigue than those who don’t.

When it comes to sales teams, there has been huge benefits in remote working and cloud technology. Here at Active Digital, our team members to have access to cloud documents and tools through our Active Hub portal and app, enabling them to manage tasks in real time.

Active Digital is working hard to become the best online mobile communications company to work for and to do business with. We have built a culture where our employees are happy within their work, which in turn, means they work better and are more closely aligned with our customers. Overall, we want technology to be an enabler for employees to enjoy their life, their work and the relationships they have with customers.

Active Digital delivers a wide range of mobile applications, technology and services to help your employees spend less time on administration tasks. We can support your business to manage your mobile estate and ensure your business data is safe and secure through mobile applications which can transform the way you work.

All of this is supported through our global award winning customer experience team you can trust with over two decades of telecom heritage. Our project management team can assist you with selecting the most appropriate devices to helping specify device security configuration as well professional device deployments.

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