14.12.2020 NEWS

O2 is partnering with charity Hubbub

With the aim to donate 10,000 devices and 12 months of free connectivity!

O2 is calling on UK businesses to participate in its nationwide mobile device and data donation drive to support those who are digitally disconnected, with 155,000 tonnes of electronic waste thrown away each year in the UK

The network is partnering with charity Hubbub, with the aim to donate 10,000 devices and 12 months of free connectivity to digitally excluded people in cities across the UK

Maybe you have an old phone at the back of your drawer, if you do why not transform the life of someone in need?

This partnership is a donation project that sees old smartphones be data-wiped, cleaned and gifted with free credit to owners who otherwise wouldn’t have internet access.

What is Community Calling?

“Covid-19 has seen us all change the way we interact with each other. With 77% of us using our phones and the internet as a coping strategy, lockdown for those without a device hasn’t been easy. At the start of lockdown, Hubbub, together with O2, trialled a campaign that re-homed a whopping 538 smartphones with vulnerable, and otherwise digitally excluded, owners. With 28 to 125 million smartphones lying unused in people’s homes in the UK, we’re expanding our brilliant initiative with the hope of redistributing another 2000 smartphones across three London boroughs with support from the public and businesses. Along with the phone, each beneficiary will receive 12 months of free credit provided by O2. Following the London expansion, we will be taking Community Calling to five locations nationwide: Manchester; Bristol; Leeds; South Wales and Glasgow with the aim of supporting a total of 10,000 digitally excluded households”

“This is part of our wider aim of encouraging the government to invest in and improve digital access across the UK. We want the government to create much needed community connection hubs to create employment opportunities and support people who are currently disconnected”

Follow the link below to gift your old handset and help support this campaign.


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