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Active Digital attends Thrilling London Tech Week 2024 – 8 highlights

Our digital team attended London Tech Event last week and for those of you who made it, it was a great three days of insightful content at a busy expo floor. Technology experts from around the world filled this stage, delving into the future of a range of industries. At London Tech Week, our team explored the latest innovations to change business and society – shining a light on the key players and new sectors emerging, from mobility to healthcare and gaming to sports tech, listen in to find out how technology is driving industry transformation. In this blog, we share our event round up with some of the event’s key takeaways. if you went, what did you enjoy seeing the most?

Apple has once again pushed the boundaries of innovation with a host of new features and enhancements across its ecosystem. From the immersive experience of Vision OS to the powerful capabilities of Mac OS and iOS 18, there’s something for everyone. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect:

Apple Intelligence (AI) is at the heart of the innovative features coming to the new MacOS and iOS 18. Here’s a look at the standout features powered by Apple Intelligence:

GenMoji and Image Playground

One of the most exciting additions is GenMoji and Image Playground, which allow users to generate pictures and emojis from simple prompts. Content can be created in three distinct styles: Sketch, Illustration, and Animation. This versatility ensures users can express themselves creatively and uniquely.

Image Wand Tool

The new Image Wand tool takes creativity to the next level. Users can draw basic outlines, and Apple Intelligence will convert these sketches into detailed images in any of the three styles. This feature is perfect for artists and enthusiasts looking to bring their visions to life effortlessly.

Advanced Writing Tools with Samsung Tech

Apple Intelligence also powers sophisticated writing tools, making tasks like proofreading, summarising text, and rewriting for tone adjustments seamless. Whether you need a professional tone for an email or a friendly tone for a message, AI has you covered.

Handwriting Integration Tech

Using the Apple Pencil, you can paste text from an article, and it will be automatically converted into your handwriting. This feature extends to mathematical notes, allowing equations to be automatically solved and displayed in your handwriting. It’s a perfect blend of technology and personal touch.

Automatic Mail Categorisation

Automated Mail Categorisation is another game-changer. Emails are now categorised into primary mail, transactions, promotions, and specific types like flight tickets and booking confirmations. These emails are summarised on the email list screen, allowing you to view a summary before opening them. This feature saves time and enhances email management.

Summarised Notifications

Notifications have also received an upgrade. Missed messages in group chats are summarised on the notification itself, giving you a quick overview before you even open them. Notifications are categorised based on priority, ensuring you never miss important updates.

Siri Enhancements

Of course, Siri is getting significant updates. With integration with ChatGPT, Siri can maintain conversational context and understand natural language more effectively. This means you can speak to Siri more naturally, making interactions smoother and more intuitive.

Apple Intelligence is revolutionising the way we interact with our devices, bringing smarter, more efficient, and personalised features to iOS 18. From creative tools to advanced communication and organisation features, AI is setting a new standard for what’s possible with technology. Stay tuned for these exciting updates and see how they can enhance your daily digital experience.

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