24.07.2020 BLOG

Leading With Differentiation and Why Service Comes First

I appreciate we talk about ‘digital transformation’ on the blog regularly, but quite honestly, it is a big topic. Despite the challenges of lockdown, some of us have been using the time to invest in technology and evaluate our business processes and customer experience. If you haven’t already, now, is a great time to put measures in place to ensure your business can thrive; not just survive.

Serving Up a Great Customer Experience
When it comes to customer experience, Covid-19 proved to us personally, that there had never been a more crucial time for Active Digital to thrive. We are well known and recognised for our award-winning customer experience and now was the time to prove it.

On the first day of lockdown, we shipped hundreds of Mi-Fi units to customers all over the United Kingdom. Those who where is desperate need of additional bandwidth for their home working setup. It was a very busy week and the team worked around the clock to ensure customers were set up properly from home for the longer term like never before. The great news is that, without blowing our own trumpet, we received some really lovely, kind messages from customers saying thank you. We really didn’t expect any words of gratitude, because quite simply, we were just doing our job. However, customers still seemed impressed that we were answering calls promptly, despatching goods for next day delivery (even same day if it was urgent) and pulling out all the stops to keep our customers mobile – after all; it’s our job to keep you connected.

Managing Customer Needs in a Pandemic
However, on the flipside, we have heard many tales from friends or business colleagues that they have had a less than superior customer service from other suppliers, which is always frustrating when you need it most. Non-Active Digital clients have been telling us that they were struggling to get hold of their broadband provider or that they had ordered urgent IT equipment, which hadn’t arrived. Even in a crisis, competition is strong, but it gave us an opportunity to raise our game even higher. You might think, in a global pandemic that your customers might go a bit easier on you. They don’t. Instead, the pressure is doubled. You must deliver. You must deliver on time. The demands of us all, as 24/7 consumers has never been more prevalent. What we want to highlight as important here, is that, we are extremely grateful for our loyal customers and they in turn, are grateful for our service. It is a real team effort.

If there is one thing, that we have learned over two decades of being leaders in telecommunications, it is that providing a seamless customer experience is paramount. Even through a pandemic, we welcome the opportunity to lead with differentiation.

Leading Online
Over a year ago, we created our online store and we are still working hard to ensure that buying experience is as seamless as possible. Whatever you need, from a brand-new device, to an approved device for a damaged or old handset, along with a wide range of high-quality accessories; you will find it all on the Active Digital online store, so please take a look.

Online Store

A Time to Thrive through Digital
Covid-19 has demonstrated the importance of keeping both our customers and our employees connected. It is one of the most challenging business climates we have ever seen and one which has been affected the mental health of many. There has never been a more crucial time for us to check in and ensure everyone is ‘okay’.
Now is the time to thrive and not just survive. Now, is the time to get creative, to re-think your mobile strategy long term. Consider how you can use digital applications from Active Digital to blend humans and tech together in harmony.
We can help you on your digital transformation journey and no matter which part of the journey you are on currently, we can help you take the next steps.
Ask for your free, no obligation 30 minute ‘exploration’ zoom call with one of our team to find out more. We can help you to welcome in the ‘new normal’ and reap those digital transformational results.

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