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It’s Here. The Active Digital Podcast

If we’ve gained positive thing from our numerous lockdowns, surely it is a new love of calming walks. No matter where you are walking or how far, many of us took the opportunity to listen to a podcast at the same time. Podcasts have become more popular than ever and no matter what your interest, there seems to be a podcast to canter for almost every interest.

From true crime investigations of long-lost cases to parenting teens through to comedians’ hilarious chats, podcasts can have you giggling outload on the train. Since 2005, more than 700,000 podcasts have been created and most of them for free. Incredibly, about a third of the episodes have been created since June 2018 since everyone seems to have embraced listening to podcasts more on their smartphones.

Podcasts are big business and with over 45 million podcast episodes available for listeners to choose from, chances are whatever you want to listen to can be found in podcast form with a few clicks and maybe a quick search.

Here are Three Things we love about podcasts: –

1. Easy to Access

If you have a smartphone, tablet or computer you can access a podcast with next-to-no effort. Your phone and tablet most likely have a native podcatching app built right in, if not it’s a few quick swipes and you have one. With a computer, you can type “podcast” into Google and the first few things you’ll see will give you access to podcasts. In most cases, podcasts are free, and you can listen through Spotify or Apple Podcasts

2. Listen at your Leisure

Whether you fancy an in-depth discussion on a true-crime case or want to catch the latest political news there is a podcast out there for you. We live in a content-driven world and people want to be delivered content on topics they want. The popularity of podcasts can, at least in part, be attributed to the fact that it’s listener’s choice. You can pick and choose exactly what you want.

3. Create an Instant Community

Podcasters built communities to engage and grow their listenership. But this does more than simply increase download numbers and help engage sponsors, it attracts listeners who are looking for a community. The communities that surround podcasts is one of the assets that make it unique and apart from other entertainment-based mediums. The communities are closer to those that you might experience with a blog than a film or television show—private spaces to interact with hosts, a look into the behind-the-scenes world and lots of interaction with other members of the community.

Listen and Subscribe to The Active Digital Podcast

In this new world, journalists, celebrities, academics, and entrepreneurs are busy creating their own podcasts. All you really need is some juicy content, a good microphone and generally the quality can be very high, even if it’s produced at home! Some of the most popular podcasts such as TED offer a wealth of inspiring conversations that leave you wanting more. It is through uplifting, energised and positive conversations that we proudly bring you our new, Active Digital Podcast. The trailer is now live and episode one drops on Friday 2nd July 2021. We can’t wait for you to have a listen!

Co-hosted by Active Digital, co-owner Jo Wimble-Groves and Simon Reynolds. Simon is a formula one driver performance coach and worked for the McLaren F1 Team for over a decade. In each episode we interview business leaders, entrepreneurs, and elite athletes. Guests share valuable insight on business, sport, wellbeing, the mistakes, the successes, the highs, the lows and everything in-between. We learn what lessons we can take away to help make our work and our home lives more balanced, more successful and fulfilling.

Follow the podcast here – https://podfollow.com/1573893421/episode/065453898310b90e02b65d7f9b124b9ac1e83981/view

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