29.06.2020 NEWS

iOS 14 – New Update

It doesn’t seem possible that we are seeing another software update from Apple, it feels like the iOS 13 was just released. However, what an update it is.

We have had a look at what the update entails and thought we would share what you can expect. New features that will help you get what you need in the moment. Even more intelligent apps, more personal and more private.

A completely new design from Apple for the widgets to be on the home screen, now there will be more information at a glance. You can then choose from different sizes and arrange however you like. What’s more you can now add a smart stacks, the widget will now show up automatically at the right time during the day. There will also be an App library which automatically organises all of your apps into one simple, easy-to-navigate view – great for those that like a bit of organisation! Your most used apps are always just one tap away.

Compact calls now means that when you are taking a call it won’t take up the full screen. Instead the call will now just sit at the top of the screen, a bit like a notification. That way you can still see your screen whilst you talk. Additionally, you will now also be able to keep watching videos or continue your FaceTime call while you use another app – something that has been available on the iPads but now a feature on the iPhones.

As we all know communication really is key at the moment and Apple recognise that. You can now pin up to 9 of your conversations so you always have easy access to them. Replying directly to a specific message in a group conversation is also possible, you can view in the full conversation or as their own thread for a more focused view. Of course, there are new Memoji’s and stickers so you can choose from over 20 new hair and headwear styles.

Discovering new places is something we all love to do, I’m sure many adventures will be had once lockdown is over, and what better way to find the most environmentally friendly route by using iOS Maps. Cycling directions will now be available, showing bike lanes and roads. You will see elevation, busy streets, stairs and steep passages – perfect for preparing for your ride.
If you are heading out in your electric car, plan a trip with charges stations along the way.

The all new Translate App is here, making conversations easier and more natural across languages, all whilst remaining private.
Simply turn your phone to landscape and press the microphone button to say something, this will then translate to the language you have set.
You can even save translations in the favourites tab for easy access later on, history and recent will also be accessible.

The look of Siri has been overhauled, the information is now displayed at the top of the screen similar to notifications which means you can continue to focus on what you are doing.
With 20 x more facts than three years ago, Siri really is your go to for all information.
Additionally you can now send an audio message through Siri.

Fast powerful and private. Safari is now more responsive and capable than ever. It will now translate a website in seven different languages by simply tapping an icon.
Privacy and security really is top of the agenda, Safari will now monitor and warn you if your password is not secure and you will be able to tap the Privacy Report button to understand how websites treat your privacy.

Car Keys and CarPlay
I cant deny, this feature blew me away a little. With iOS 14 you can unlock and start your car… with your phone! You just need to make sure you have your key in your digital wallet, available on the Apple Watch to.
It doesnt stop there, you can share keys with friends and family. Controls can be customised and profiles restricted which is great for new drivers. Keys can also be easily revoked should you need to. This feature will also work for up to 5 hours after your iPhone battery runs out.
Your CarPlay has a new look too, you can set wallpapers and it also now supports new app types such as parking, electric vehicle charging and quick food ordering.

Delivering a magical listening experience but now with a few more cool tricks. Spatial Audio – bringing surround sound wherever you go. So as you move your device, the sound moves with it. Battery notifications will conveniently let you know when you need to charge the AirPods to.
Switch between devices without manually switching your AirPods – if you finish a phone call and then decide to watch a movie on your iPad, they automatically switch over.
There is also an option to adjust the audio for hearing differences.
Why not enjoy a movie with a friend and connect 2 sets of AirPods at the same time to Apple TV without disturbing others.

There is now more control over the data and information you are sharing and much more transparency into how it’s used.
If an app is using your microphone or camera a little indicator at the top of your screen will appear and you can also look back to see if an app has recently used this option.
Another great feature is that you can now share just your approximate location and not your exact location – much better for weather apps or local news.

Monitoring your sleep goals is now a feature along with hearing features, this will now help you to understand how loud you are listening to media through your headphones.

And so much more, the iOS 14 update really is packed full of fantastic new features. It won’t be long now until we are all running of this software.

If you are using an older iPhone, such as an iPhone 6s, we don’t mean to worry you, but there are concerns that your device could be dropped off the compatibility list.

The phones will still work, but security updates will not come through. Essentially, you’re on your own. Although this may sound like a tough call from Apple, there is a good reason for making those decisions. Performance improvements drive the requirement for better hardware. There is only so much of an envelope hardware-wise that can be covered by a single OS instance. Therefore, the older devices, which are over five years old, are just not ‘punchy’ enough’ to run the better performance.

What’s Next?
If, you are a business or an organisation which has been bumbling along running a batch of iPhone 6s and 7 devices – now is the time to talk to Active Digital about your next upgrade. We can support you in choosing the right devices for your organisation which can be leased to you in the most affordable way you have ever had Apple.
Our recommendation is not to wait until September 2020 and hope for the best outcome, we can support your business from now…
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