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Donna Fisher’s Top Tips for an Active Lockdown

As part of our Active Gets Active programme we had an in-depth Zoom call with Simon from Formula to Perform, all about nutrition. It was such an insightful session learning about way to improve nutrition working from home or at the office. It was great to learn the importance of a balanced diet and how you can integrate it into your work life.

Along side our programme we were also delighted to have some top tips from Donna Fraser on how to stay active during lockdown.

Donna Fraser is a four time Olympian and a good friend of our Company Ambassador; Steve Backley. She had her best years in 2005, where she achieved a fine 200/m400m double at the AAA Championships and was the first athlete to do so since 1945. In 2002, 2005 and 2007 she helped Britain to 4x400m relay bronze in the World Championships and became the BBC Athlete of the Year in 2005.

Donna is also an inspirational speaker on teamwork, and overcoming adversity having overcome breast cancer herself. Jo had the pleasure to speak with Donna a few days ahead of the impending lockdown and they discussed the best ways to ‘keeping active’ during lockdown.

We are delighted to share Donna’s top tips and hope you find them useful too:

1. Just Get Moving!
Whether it’s a gentle walk, a yoga session or of you can, manage a run, just get moving at whatever level you can. If you are running, start by running in your local park or green spaces instead of on pavements to avoid any injuries!

2. Bring Nature into your Day
Fresh air is so important and just twenty minutes outdoors can make a difference to how you feel that day.

3. Find your Focus
Once you find something you enjoy, focus on that enjoyment and use that positivity to improve reaching your own personal best. Whether you managed to walk for five extra minutes than you did yesterday or you added a few minutes of meditation into your yoga session, focus on your own achievements and your own PB!

4. Role Models
Role modelling is so important. If you have children or are around young people, encourage them to keep active too. They are watching you to see how you are keeping active! Even a walk together as a family is a brilliant way to stay active during lockdown.


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