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Digital Transformation Health Check?

How do you know if your telecoms is as secure, future proof and efficient as it could be? It is more important than ever to ensure that your your company data is secure, and your network robust and efficient.

Maintaining a healthy IT and telecoms infrastructure is vital to any business and regular IT health checks should be top of the ‘to-do’ list to ensure your IT infrastructure is performing to its best. Through digital transformation solutions from Active Digital, your business can adopt the right technologies with the goal of improving workflows, efficiency, and customer care.

When it comes to digital transformation which has naturally been sped up through the pandemic, businesses need to consider three essential key components:

  • the overhaul of processes.
  • the overhaul of operations, and.
  • the overhaul of relationships with customers.

Transforming Processes

Let’s start with a question. What do your processes look like?

At some businesses, employees still rely on pen, paper, and filing cabinets. In other firms, people communicate through email and cellphones. That does not mean that those companies have undergone a digital transformation, though. A digital transformation means that you have implemented technology that will enable completely new processes.

Sending a purchase order via email is not a new process; it is simply a more modern way of doing something you have always done. A digital transformation means that you have implemented technology that will enable completely new processes. This transaction qualifies as a completely new process, not just a new way of doing things. Employees no longer have to spend time drafting and submitting purchase orders (or other transactions). Thus, modern EDI systems make these tasks far less time-consuming and efficient.

Another component of a digital transformation is a deep and significant alteration in operations. As with processes, just because you use the latest and greatest technology to create your product does not mean that your business has experienced a digital transformation…unless it changes the way you carry out your operations, that is. What do operations look like after a company has undergone a digital transformation? In addition to enabling new processes, they offer a totally different way of carrying out operations.

When it comes to digital transformation, there is no hard sell strategy from Active Digital. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Our products and solutions can sell themselves because we know how valuable they are for customers. For those who are new to Active Digital, we are well respected leaders in our industry sector for being a helpful, customer focused organisation. We are known for our impartial, consultancy approach as a family owned business with a global, award winning stamp of excellence.

This summer, for a limited time, we are offering a free of charge, 30 minute ‘Digital Transformation Health Check’ in order to help you with any mobile or digital aspects of your business. During the call or visit, we can demonstrate products and solutions we use in our own business or used by our customers which are helping them to thrive. You will have the opportunity to see how we use company technology whilst away from the office, and give you insights into our productivity levels.

Overall, we aim to help you to:

  • Identify any areas of improvement through digital transformation
  • Recommendations of where savings that could be made
  • Review any on-going or have any one-off requirements in the future

Together, we can help you to maintain healthy IT infrastructure and reduce the risk of inefficiency, security threats or even loss of business. Digital transformation affects customers at every level and therefore, should not be undervalued or overlooked. In summary, with Active Digital, you can lower costs, gain greater accuracy, and faster speeds for your business connectivity. Altogether that contributes to an increased level of efficiency, which is turn gives your customers an even greater experience.

Do not pass up the opportunity to leverage digital transformation for your company.
Get started by clicking here and book an health check slot around your diary.

Or simply call and speak with one of our expert team on 01892 893000. With Active Digital, you’re in good company.

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