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Creating a Digital Mindset

In the early days of the internet, almost all brick-and-mortar companies woefully under-invested in digital technology and product development. These days everyone has a website and even a mobile app or two. But the shift to mobile is so rapid that many companies are in danger of repeating the same mistake and under-investing in mobile. During the last decade, IT leaders have watched mobile technology and capabilities evolve and become critical tools for enterprise users and customers of all kinds. That mobile innovation will continue in the coming years, creating opportunities and challenges for the technology organization.

Many CIOs will adopt mobile, cloud, and social technologies that will increase customer engagement and optimize business processes. Studies predict CIOs are investing more money in mobility, with IT decision-makers expected to spend a larger percentage of their budgets on mobile technology in 2020. The trick will be accomplishing this while struggling to decrease dependency on legacy systems and increasing resource efficiency to meet budgetary constraints.

Redesign how we work

Digital transformation does not happen overnight but forward-thinking companies are seeking advice from experts at our team at Active Digital, so they can upskill their existing workforce into the world of digitalization. Some of the team, you may find, need more encouragement to change than others, but, when it comes together and you have full buy-in for change from your entire workforce, then it can be, truly transformational.

It is important for companies to redesign how they work, so they can be effective in the world of digital, which is both vital for your employees and your customers. Focus on a requirement to equip your people to work in new ways, think differently about what is possible, and draw on a new toolkit of capabilities through mobile products and apps. These changes are not just enhancements around the edges: They often challenge everything our people believed to be true about work and working.

In the world of digital, employees not only need to deliver work faster, but also must be more flexible, work with less certainty around outcomes, and work more effectively in teams than ever before. New skills around understanding and being able to use new digital technologies have become critical to success. But, more importantly, employees also need a very different approach to work – often referred to as the digital mindset.

At Active Digital, the home of mobile innovation, we have heavily invested in our programs and systems to allow us to tap into deep analytical reports across our business on a daily basis. It’s powerful. These investments and others like them not only upskill the existing workforce but also enable these companies to inspire new talent to join and, just as importantly, provide them with an informed and ever-learning community in which to work. In this way, traditional companies are future-proofing their people and their companies.

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