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Cloud Telephony: 4 Myths About Working Remotely

Working from home has gotten far more common since the pandemic, and more and more companies are using cloud telephony to transition to being a virtual business. But there are still a number of myths surrounding remote working policies- namely the myth that employees are less productive when they’re not in an office. And, sure, for some people that may be the case. But, just like the many other myths surrounding working from home, such generalisations are often worse, in the long run, for businesses. 

In today’s blog, we’ll be addressing and debunking some of those myths. 

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Myth: Remote Workers Do Less Work

This is, ultimately, one of the main reasons why so many employers are still pushing back against the idea of remote work, or at least full time remote work. They assume that, if their employees don’t have a boss to look over their shoulder and they’re not surrounded by a team, they will end up being less productive. 

Some amount of procrastination is probably par for the course when people are working from home. But the same could also be said about working in an office. Yes, you may be less tempted to pick up your phone and have a mindless scroll of Twitter if you’re in the office- but if you’re surrounded by chatty colleagues, is that really any better? 

It’s understandable that some employers are reluctant to take the leap into a remote working policy. But many of the companies that have taken that leap are noticing no shortages of productivity.

Myth: Creativity Decreases When You’re Working from Home 

Another myth is that, when you’re working remotely and not in an office, your creativity will end up being stifled. But for most people, it’s being in an office that might do the stifling. This is particularly true when it comes to power dynamics, which so often exist within an office. Sometimes the best course for innovation is your employees taking a step away from the office, where they can think outside the box.

It’s also worth noting that oftentimes, when your team is having a brainstorm, the loudest voices tend to dominate- and not, necessarily, the best ideas. 

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Myth: There’s Less Scope for Collaborating When You’re Relying on Cloud Telephony

Being forced to go remote during the pandemic was a steep learning curve for many companies. But there’s a reason so many of those companies have chosen to maintain their remote or hybrid working policies. Just because you’re not immediately surrounded by your team doesn’t mean you can’t collaborate with them. There are a wealth of tools available that make collaboration easy, even if you’re in different time zones. And with cloud telephony, all of your employees can be connected, anytime and anywhere.

Myth: There is No Company Culture when Everyone’s Remote

Another common myth is that when there’s no one in the office, there’s no room for company culture. But with solid communication, your company culture can be whatever you want it to be… just with a few less work nights out. 

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