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CES set to return to Las Vegas in 2022

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For more than 50 years, CES has been the global stage for innovation. In 2021, CES when virtual and despite the problems that Covid-19 has brought to the world, more than 100,000 attendees logged in to watch to live and on-demand broadcasts of CES 2021.

However, there is no question that many of us miss the joy of face-to-face events and the exhibitors and attendees are a huge art of the CES community. According to Karen Chupka, who heads up CES at the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), the transition to a digital-only format has taken away some of its heart and soul. She commented, “there are plenty of reasons exhibitors and attendees come to CES in-person, but serendipity plays a major role.” She told TechRadar Pro, “people come to the show with one purpose in mind, bump into somebody, and leave with a new idea, customer or business partner. That was the main feedback we received after virtual CES earlier this year. People missed out on the serendipitous interactions that just cannot be replicated online.”

A Hybrid Format

Although Chupka and the rest of the CTA were eager to return to Vegas for CES 2022, the event will feel a little different than its most recent pre-pandemic edition, taking on a new hybrid form that draws on the best aspects of in-person and virtual events. Under this arrangement, audiences can expect a hybrid mix for the next event including some sessions and major product announcements being livestreamed online along with a level of interaction with the virtual audience.

The new hybrid format will also allow attendees and exhibitors to set up virtual appointments with one another, in the same way they might at the physical show. And similarly, companies will be able to specify time slots to video conference with online attendees, simulating booth-side interactions. The event team are excited by the prospect of bringing together a digital audience into sessions at the physical show and they hope that it helps all attendees to feel valued and welcomed. Plus, we must remember that digital events really help organisations and events to connect people from all over the world and bring them to CES.

As for the in-person event, CES 2022 will be the largest ever in terms of physical footprint, spilling for the first time into the Las Vegas Convention Center’s west hall, which covers a whopping 1.4 million square feet. In all, with the recent lifting of US travel restrictions, the CTA is expecting more than 1,500 companies from across the globe to have a physical presence at the show. As a closing note, Chupka said “with technology changing our lives in so many different ways, there’s more content for us to cover than ever. We are excited to be back.”

Registration is Now Open for CES 2022

Tech has never been more important in our lives and CES 2022 will bring the industry back together to experience the next generation of innovation. Over 1600 companies from across the globe – with more being added every day – will showcase the latest in digital health, food tech, automotive tech, NFTs, gaming, smart home and more. Check out how these innovators and more are making their mark on the industry. With more companies committing to show each day, we encourage you to continue to explore the full exhibitor directory.

Proof of Vaccination Required

Proof of vaccination is required to join CES in Las Vegas, Jan. 5-8, 2022. For more information, read their CES 2022 health protocols.

CES heads back to Las Vegas Wednesday, January 5 through Saturday, January 8, 2022,


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