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Business Mobile Phones: 4 Things You Should Look For

Business mobile phones can have a huge impact on your company, particularly if your employees are regularly working from home or on the move. For a growing number of jobs, they’re a necessity. But what should you be looking for when deciding on a business mobile phones plan? In today’s blog, we’ll be helping you determine which plan is the best for your business, so you can get all the features you need without any unnecessary costs. 

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Business Mobile Phones with Handsets

When you’re deciding on a plan for your business mobile phones, it can be tempting to shell out for the latest handsets and hardware. This could set you back a pretty penny, though, so you should only invest in this tech if you know it’ll be worth your while. These days, the standards when it comes to affordable handsets are far higher. Don’t just assume that the priciest tech is the best, because you’ll likely be able to get many of the same features for far less money. 

Type of Business Mobile Phone

You might have been an Apple loyal for many years in your personal life, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the same phones will be the best choice for your entire company. Price is a big factor here, but you should also be wary of which applications your business is going to be using. For example, if much of your employees’ work is done on one particular app, then you need to be sure that app isn’t limited to certain phones. Not every app on Apple’s App Store can be found on Android phones, after all.

You also have to think about compatibility with your existing devices. Are your employees primarily using Apple products, like Macs? Then it might be worth going with iPhones, so all of their work can be connected, and easily transferred from one device to another. Every kind of phone tends to have different perks, though, so don’t rule anything out until you’ve done some research.

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Type of Phone Contract 

Just like with individual phone contracts, there are different types of contracts for business mobile phones. In order to decide which is best for your company, you’ll need to know the capacity in which your employees will be using these phones. 

Business Mobile Phones That Offer Solid Customer Support

Some telecom providers get you set up on your plan, and then you rarely hear from them again. Without around the clock customer service, everyone could be inconvenienced- your employees, as well as your customers. Any sort of outages could be detrimental to your business. And what if your company operates worldwide, in different time zones? It’s vital that the plan for your business mobile phones will be covered by 24/7 customer service. This will mean that, should any problems arise, they’ll be resolved as quickly as possible. 

Our customer services run 24/7, and you’ll have a dedicated Account Manager, plus much more. In a highly competitive market, our customer experience is unparalleled. To find out more about our award winning mobile solutions, please contact Active Digital on 01892 835522.

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