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Did you know? Active Digital is an approved Apple reseller and as such, over 90% of the mobile and tablet devices we sell, are Apple.

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Leasing hardware is a fantastic option for organisations on a budget as you can have a fixed monthly cost rather than one large upfront payment. This allows you the freedom to upgrade devices for employees who need up to date tech, but you don’t wish to burn through your 2022 IT budget in one swoop.

Apple for business

Active Digital have partnered with Apple to offer you fantastic discounts for iPhone and iPad. When it comes to business, whether you need ten iPhones/or iPads or one thousand, we have a monthly payment program to work for you.

When you lease through Active Digital, on the Active Asset program, you will receive an Apple device warranty for the entire length of the contract (24 or 36 months), plus a tough case and screen protector for every device. Plus, for a limited time only, we are providing Active Care (for loss, theft and accidental damage) on selected packages. As an example, for an iPhone 13 128GB, you could be paying as little as £16.50 a month per device.

apple for business

4 Reasons to Lease your iPhones and iPads

Conserve your IT budget – buying devices outright can be a huge investment in your budget, especially with some iPhones being at a cost of £900 each. Leasing is an affordable and modern way to complete a tech rollout for your business. Furthermore, Active Digital are committed to working towards a sustainable future and if you have any older iPhones to trade in (any model), Active Digital can buy those back from you. We will value your old tech and give you a payment for them in return, or if they are unusable, we will recycle them in an accredited manner for you and give you a certificate of safe disposal and data removal.

As standard policy from most suppliers, Apple devices only come with a 12-month warranty. This means you are unlikely to have a warranty for the contract term you have signed up for. With Active Digital, you’ll receive an inclusive additional warranty for the lifecycle of your contract, giving you a saving of at least £158 per device over 24 months (based on a 36-month contract).

apple for business

  1. A scale up program – Your ‘Active Asset’ lease agreement grows with your business, so as you need to add more iPhones for new employees, you can easily scale up and add extra devices for a predicted monthly sum. We’ll help you configure and roll out devices where needed and can even provide onsite tech support if your team who require help in getting started.
  1. A uniform iOS estate– where possible, IT departments prefer that all employees can be on the same device; make and model. It can be more difficult to ensure every device is secure when you have a hybrid model of iOS and Android at the same time. Moving to a uniform IT estate, whereby all your users have the same operating software can be an easy way to make your estate easier to manage and reduces additional IT workload.
  2. Extend Apple Leasing to Family – At Active Digital, we have a customer referral program, so you can recommend our iPhone monthly payment plan to family members. This means that our fantastic services are not just exclusive to organisations but are agile enough to be adapted for families or for business professionals with one iPhone. And don’t forget, at the end of the lease, you can simply hand back your device for an upgrade and we can swap it for a newer model as part of an upgrade package.
  3. Active VIP Club – We run things differently from your average telecoms’ provider. For every organisation or individual who becomes a client, they are warmly welcomed to the club. It’s our Active community and a way for our customers to feel more like partners. Giving them access to additional benefits, such as events at Twickenham Stadium, VIP seating at The O2 and cricket at Lords Cricket Ground. Considering how you will get your hands on those sold-out tickets for the Rugby Six Nations this year or VIP tickets for Dua Lipa for your kids? At Active Digital – we have it covered. It’s time to be in the club.

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