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Active News Bites – Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! 

Customer in Focus – Cry for the Moon

On our last newsletter you will have noticed that we detailed a discount code for our customer Cry for the Moon. This code has now been continued until the 21st December! CODE: ACTIVE20

This month we have an Interview with Stephen Sutton from Cry for the Moon.

1. Please tell us about Cry for the Moon and the history of the business
Established in 1970 we’ve been quietly building our reputation for outstanding jewellery and exceptional service. Likened to an Aladdin’s cave, our traditional jewellers windows are bursting with the unusual, from period Antique, Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco, not forgetting bespoke design pieces – we have it all!
Starting out in Haslemere some 40 years ago, our journey has taken us via Godalming to our present landmark store @ 17 Tunsgate, Guildford.

2. Describe what mobile and digital services you use (iPhone, cloud phone system etc) 

We as a  small business, use iPhones to communicate with each member of the team. We also use VoIP telephone system- this makes it possible for us to receive calls of importance even if we are outside the store with the caller being unaware.  This has allowed myself in particular to work from home for the first time. Another technology project we are introducing is the removal of paper receipts communicating by SMS and emailing customers directly reducing the amount of waste that we will create we can communicate with clients and continue to use active digital for our mobile communication.

2. Any interesting stories to share of some incredible pieces you have sold?
We, over the years, have many interesting stories from regular clients and celebrities. The launch of our new website has allowed us to grow our client base outside our traditional Surrey area. We have still very much a bricks and mortar business and we’ve sold and purchased beautiful jewellery for many years.
One particular story was a few years ago when a champion jockey came in to find the perfect ring; he was very specific that he wanted a one carat diamond that had to be D colour and flawless in clarity fortunately we had one beautiful diamond that fitted this requirement although the design wasn’t, but with our own in-house workshop we were able to design and make the ring within less than an hour! Now the diamond sat in a beautiful four claw platinum simple classic ring mount.
One of the most beautiful pieces of jewellery we have recently purchased is this fantastic Edwardian sapphire and diamond brooch over 110 years old and amazing quality and as good now as it was when originally sold. We love buying and selling beautiful jewellery.

3. It has been a tough year for the high street. How has Cry for the Moon diversified during these times to adapt to customer needs?
With the huge disruption on the high street this year, we were forced to bring forward the launch of our new website. We have over 2000 pieces of individual jewellery, each of which needs photographing and videoing, written descriptions and pricing. All of which are a mammoth job. We are continuing to update with regular blogs, new features and products. As a result we now have regular take enquiries and reserve many items online.

4. Tell us about your new online presence and what that brings for customers?
Our online presence means out clients are constantly up to date with our news, here is an example of our latest blog:  https://www.cftm.co.uk/blog/jewellery-designs-hot-christmas/

5. Some feedback on what you feel Active Digital does well?
Like Active Digital we value exceptional customer service and feedback. In an age where face-to-face business is now very hard, customer service over many different mediums is essential. In out opinion Active Digital are always at the forefront of customer service, be it Instagram or Facebook. We feel the values Active Digital have mirror ours very closely; being professional but personal, offering exceptional customer service.

Remote working has transformed the way we work with each other – by Simon Reynolds

As millions of workers experience remote working, many for the first time, Active Digital looked at the impact of these changes on our mental health and the relationships we have with each other.

An accredited strength and conditioning coach and sports therapist specialising, in working with motorsports athletes; Simon Reynolds has been working with the entire Active team for the past six months. Prior to starting his own business Formula to Perform, he was a Driver Performance Manager for McLaren for thirteen and a half years. Simon supported  Formula 1 Drivers such as; Heikki Kovalainen, Kevin Magnussen, Stoffel Vandoorne and current Formula 2 champion Nyck de Vries.

Simon Commented, “With people now working from home more than ever in the current climate, it is important for businesses to recognise the wellbeing of their employees. There are positives and negatives about working from home but In most cases, people have gained extra time back which they would have normally spent commuting.
Many people are now trying to split that extra time between working a bit more, but also still having more leisure time, including giving themselves time to exercise. Working with the most elite racing drivers on earth for many years, I learned a great deal about how to optimise an individuals performance and winning potential. My interest turned to corporate performance, when I recognised the benefits of, applying the same principles and methodologies to executives and office workers to improve work productivity, endurance capacity and general wellbeing”.

Simon continued, “I chose to work with Active Digital as they recognised long before many businesses that the wellbeing and health of their employees was the key to long-term success and sustainability. By staying active during the day, taking regular breaks and applying healthy and well founded nutritional principles, an office worker has been shown to improve work productivity, concentration and reduced lower back pain.
I have seen how employers and workers are adapting to new ways of working. I have been impressed by how Active Digital have put wellbeing at the heart of their priorities over the last few years, and I hope other organisations follow in their footsteps to recognise that even when the pandemic is over; wellbeing is more important than ever before. One of the negative impacts has of course been the loss of human contact. Whether you are the most hardened home worker, or a person that prefers to work alone, this pandemic has massively changed how we work. That loss has been impactful on a professional level and on a personal level. As humans, we thrive on connection, so for many organisations, they feel they have lost an element of creativity. Now is the time for organisations to find new and better ways to bring that creativity back.”

At Active Digital we are incredibly proud of how we have managed the Covid wave. Not just for our customers, but for our people. Without computers and mobile phones, we would not have been able to achieve what we have. Proof that technology and the art of connection is more important than ever before.

A look back over 2020…

What a year it has been, we have all missed out on so many good things such as taking our customers to events at the O2 and rugby games at Twickenham and of course not forgetting the best weekend of the year-  Goodwood! So here is our top 5 highlights of 2020. What have been your best bits?

1. Directors Choice O2 Partner of the Year– this was a particular humbling award to receive. This brought so much joy and sense of achievement to the whole team, a real moral booster.

2. Employee wellbeing programme with F1 racing driver, performance expert Simon Reynolds – As you have read above we are delighted to have Simon leading of our wellbeing programme

3. Converted to a paperless office – Being conscious of our carbon footprint and making the transition to a more paperless office.

4. Launched our new Active Digital Podcast (coming soon!) – Our first podcast will be released very soon!

5. Completed our roll out of free passenger WiFi to over 2500 London Electric taxis. A step forward towards a greener city

From everyone at Active Digital we wish all our customers a restful Christmas and a prosperous 2021.

Thank you for all your support and loyalty over the years

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