10.02.2020 NEWS

Active News Bites – Active Digital On The Road!

Active Digital are on the road! 

Coming to a town near you!

We are very excited to announce that Active Digital are now hitting the roads of the UK.

Our brand new, sign written, van will be travelling to businesses to help with signal boosters, on-site screen repairs and much more.

Do your fleet of phones have any cracked screens, microphone or charging port faults? Why not book for us to come to your office and we can get these things rectified for you on the day. You can book via live chat on our website.

If you happen to see us on your travels, why not get a selfie with the van? Post to social media and give Active Digital a tag!

Still using an iPhone 6?

Apple will be releasing the next iOS software update in October – but what does this really mean for iPhone 6 users?

It’s time to change! The iPhone 6’s will no longer be able to support the newest software that Apple will be releasing.

Our online store has everything you need for you to choose your next phone. We have some get options for the new iPhone 11, or maybe a reconditioned handset would be a better option for you? Whatever you need, we are here to get you set up and ready for the next iOS update.

5G Update

Where will have 5G next?

2019 saw the first stage of the networks rolling out 5G coverage to a number of locations across the UK.

O2 have said they will be bringing 5G coverage to more towns and cities this summer, making it a total of 50 locations in the UK to have 5G coverage with O2.

Along with the other networks, O2’s coverage isn’t comprehensive within the current live areas. It is focusing on areas which have the most footfall. We can expect coverage to increase and be more available as the rollout continues this year.  It’s a good idea to use a coverage checker to see if 5G is available.

O2 has around a 99% population coverage, with 4G, 3G and 2G. So if 5G isn’t quite in your area you will still be able to connect like you did before 5G was rolled out.

Customer Stories


Founded over 85 years ago, Harwoods is a privately owned, family run, automotive retail group, based on the south coast of England. They employ over 900 people and are a trusted partner of Aston Martin, Audi, Land Rover, Jaguar, Bentley and McLaren.

Watch our customer success story, on the homepage of our website, with Harwoods Group to see how Active Digital transformed their mobile communications with digital services and products to future proof their business.

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