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Active Digital at Business Revival Conference 2022

There’s no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the way we conduct our lives – where we go, who we go with, and how long we stay there. We’ve all become extremely aware of the importance of social distancing and doing our bit to cut infection rates and stem the spread of Covid-19.

One of the most impactful changes over the last twenty four months has been on how we work. In a recent study by leading business title Harvard Business Review (www.hbr.org), 5,000 workers around the world were quizzed about what they wanted for working arrangements. 59% of respondents reported that “flexibility” is more important to them than salary or other benefits, and 77% said they’d prefer to work for a company that gives them the flexibility to work from anywhere rather than a corporate headquarters.

The pandemic has meant that organisations have needed to rethink how they work, and focus on ways to optimise the Digital Employee Experience (DEX), including managing secure network connections and performance.

The advantages of remote working are beneficial for businesses as well as employees — most notably, in the form of increased productivity. In a study from global business research organisation Gartner (www.gartner.com) 43% of respondents said that flexibility in working hours helped them achieve greater productivity, and 30% said that less, or no, time commuting made them more productive. During 2020, 15,000,000 days were lost to mental health problems such as stress, depression, or anxiety, all caused (or worsened) by work (Source: Health & Safety Executive). This makes the offer of flexible working hours, telecommuting or remote working crucial to employee wellbeing.

With digital, remote working and wellbeing all being vitally important topics to cover, we decided to join as an exhibitor at this years’ Business Revival Conference 2022. The conference was held at ExCel London on 9th and 10th March 2022. During the event we met with hundreds of other businesses, including the opportunity to network with the other 250+ exhibitors who were also at the event.

As well as a world-class lineup of Keynote speakers, the event hosted a number of seminars, workshops, speed networking and a virtual exhibition full of brands to aid business growth. As part of the event, Active Digital Business Director, Jo Wimble-Groves spoke in Seminar Hall 2 on ‘Digital Transformation through Mobile’ on day one of the conference.

Aside from the 250+ exhibitors, the show holds great educational merit so that business owners can come and learn from proven business leaders who have already hit great heights of success within their industry. When it comes to keynote speakers, you won’t get much bigger than the former heavyweight champion of the world turned entrepreneur – David Haye. Since retiring from boxing, David has gone on to form his own boxing promotions company – Hayemaker Promotions and has also released his own range of vegan protein powders. David’s keynote was to share his journey from the boxing ring to business success’ where he will talk about his entrepreneurial journey. David’s keynote session was a total knockout and the most popular session of the conference. At the end of his talk,  visitors could be seen queuing for over an hour afterwards to have their photo taken with the main man himself.

Overall, the Business Revival Conference was a positive opportunity to promote the Active Digital brand and start to see people in a face to face environment after so long. The stand looked fantastic so thanks to our graphic designer, Claire Dudley and to the team at Inspired Motive for setting everything up for us.

Find out more by downloading the digital show guide here.

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