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Why Customers Should Choose Device Enrolment + Apple Business Manager

If your organisation is using a combination of iPhones and iPads within the business, keeping track of all those company devices can be stressful and time consuming. Organisations can easily keep all their asset information in one place by using Apple Business Manager, an excellent way to simplify your internal IT mobile management processes.

Most recently, one of clients who has over one thousand iPhone devices on the enrolment program left one of their iPhone 11 devices in the back of a London LEVC branded taxi; also, a client of Active Digital. The good news is that as the user was able to notify his IT department straight away to advise the device had been misplaced, his IT department immediately put a message on the iPhone screen asking for the device to be kindly returned and what address to be returned to. Fortunately, the address was just around the corner from the famous London landmark, The Gherkin. The taxi driver had taken the device around to the offices and the iPhone 11 was reunited with its owner on the same day. What a great story!

The brilliant part of the enrolment program means that the device is pretty much useless to anyone else outside of the organisation it belongs to, which in turn, we hope and anticipate that less iPhones are stolen in and around busy cities every day.

Most IT Managers and Directors will be familiar with the Apple term, DEP (Device Enrolment Program). A free device enrolment solution which enables business customers to easily bulk deploy and configure their Apple devices. The programme streamlines and automates the onboarding process via a fast, easy and secure process. Through Device Enrolment, corporate-owned devices can be provisioned into a customer’s MDM solution automatically during setup and unlike standard manual deployments, it cannot be removed from the device. For MDM, we recommend and provide solutions including IBM Maas360 and Microsoft InTune as our preferred platforms.

What are the main benefits?
From a customer perspective, Device Enrolment is the quickest automated way to bulk deploy corporate managed Apple devices. As an over the air service, it removes all customer manual device handling; significantly reducing time, effort and resource. Overall, we have found this a hugely successful program for our customers.

What does IT need to know about Apple Business Manager?
Apple Business Manager has several features — in addition to the Device Enrolment Program — that help IT deploy BYOD and fully managed devices. This allows IT to remotely monitor and configure device and app policies that address security and user privacy, which is especially helpful for remote workers.

Apple Business Manager allows IT to perform the following tasks:
– configure and update device settings
– deploy applications in bulk without needing to touch each device directly
– monitor compliance to policies such as app usage and encryption
– query devices for settings and content
– remotely wipe or lock devices if lost or stolen

In summary, our customers massively see the benefits of Apple Business Manager as it increases support functions for IT as well as reducing costs, saving time, increases device and data security. We hope you will agree this free platform from Apple is well worth investing for your organisation and we are on hand to answer any technical questions you may have.

Active Digital is an approved partner for the Apple Device Enrolment platform / Apple Business Manager through O2. We have great experience working with MaaS360 and Intune and DEP working together from previous deployments. Therefore, we can help you to get started, building a platform which is brilliant for the management of your Apple devices. Please contact us for a no obligation, 30-minute zoom or Microsoft Teams call on how we can help.
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