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Wellbeing isn’t a Buzzword – it’s critical for business success

For those who haven’t heard it (where have you been?); wellbeing is de rigueur but while few disparage its holistic sentiment, many worry that unless it can be tied down more precisely, there’s a real risk it loses meaning and becomes just another buzzword of the moment.

In our view, wellbeing is a fascinating, very relevant topic. However, for the workplace, it’s still considered to be ‘new’ and in many cases; undefined. Wellbeing is about the individual and their self, but that’s also its Achilles’ heel. Being so personal, it means different things to different people and for inside a business they struggle with a) where to start and b) what questions they could ask?

Recent studies suggest workers’ wellbeing is affected by everything from financial worries to workplace issues; which begs the question for employers – where to start?

Richard Groves, Active Digital Managing Director and chief app creator says “Wellness is crucial and this has to be made personal to people for it to work. We ask our team just a few simple questions every week via our custom made IOS app which gives us crucial weekly results on our employee wellness. From how they are sleeping, to physical wellness to so much more.”

He says: “The environment we live in – our always-on, blurred work/life – isn’t going to change,” he says. “So it’s our responsibility to give people the tools to deal with it. Ultimately, wellbeing is really all about demonstrating we have our staff’s best interests at heart.”

Last year, we invited Charlie Hodgson into our Office in Lamberhurst. Charlie is a retired English Rugby Union player, having played for Salesharks and Saracens, both of which are our customers. Charlie also played for England. Following retirement from elite sport, he has gained the Institute of Leadership and Management Level 7 Qualification in Executive Coaching and Mentoring. Charlie has some real highs in his sporting career along with some real lows, its these experiences that have shaped his coaching approach and how they can be transferred to the business world. He has completed a training series in Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) and is now an officially licensed Mind5 Optimal Performance Leader. So it was fantastic to have him come to the office and do some coaching with our team on dealing with stress levels enabling the team to flourish.

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