20.01.2021 BLOG

Users Retaining Devices for Up to Six Years

Active Digital recognises that devices are getting better than ever. Smartphones are well made and built for long lasting use. We see that mobile users across the UK are now keeping devices for up to four years, possibly longer.

A study of more than 15,000, Which? members found that many users keep their phones for up to six years, despite most manufacturers not being able to fully guarantee software and security support for this period. Therefore, corporate customers could be putting themselves at risk by using unsupported or insecure mobile devices, new research has said.

Overall, handsets from brands including Apple, Samsung and Huawei were found to be capable of lasting six years or more before needing to be replaced due to faults or issues with performance. Over a third (35%) of Apple users replaced their device before four years of use, however 49% of Google users did so, along with 45% of Samsung users and 72% of Huawei users.

However, while Apple provides software support for five or six years, some Android brands only offer vital updates for two or three years. This could mean users are unaware their device may be lacking the right security protection, particularly if buying and using a refurbished or second-hand device.

Which? found that only a handful (7%) of users reported a lack of ongoing support as the reason they had replaced their phone. “Expensive hardware should be built to last and while our research shows that mobile phones have the potential to last longer, millions of users continue to be at risk of serious consequences without manufacturers doing the right thing when it comes to security support,” said Kate Bevan, Which? Computing editor. “Which? is calling for manufacturers to be clear about what customers can expect when it comes to the lifespan of their products. The government’s security legislation and mandated transparency will go some way to tackle digital obsolescence but more needs to be done.”

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