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Top 5 Business Apps for iPhone & iPad

Whether you have an iPhone or iPad device, you’ll be wanting to use it for lots of things. However, no iOS device is complete without a range of awesome iOS apps. Even if you don’t have Apple’s new top-of-the-line device, such as the iPhone 11 Pro, a major reason for owning an iPhone is the wealth of top-notch apps available for the platform, now at more than 2 million and counting. The question is, which ones should you install? We’ve got you covered. The experts here at Active Digital have tested a vast number of apps, separating the good from the bad, to come up with this list of some of our favourites. Some of these will reduce distractions in your work; others will do tasks for you that usually take ages. If you decide to use any of them, you’ll wonder how you functioned without them in the first place!

1. GoodReader

Great for viewing and editing PDFs and other documents.
GoodReader was developed by GoodiWare Ltd which was started by Yuri Selukoff. It was first released in 2010. The app can read and view documents in different formats such as DOC, PDF and XLS. It is mainly a PDF reader and within it you can make changes to PDF documents. GoodReader enables users to read, edit and sign PDF files. From here you can also make annotations within your PDF document such as highlighting and drawing. Signing PDF documents only takes three taps. The app makes everything very simple.

GoodReader is a perfect combination of document-reading and file-managing capabilities. It’s your one-stop shop for all your document needs when you’re on the go with your iOS device. Use the app once, and you’ll be hooked. Soon you’ll be wondering how you ever managed to work without it.

Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box.com, WebDAV, SMB, AFP, FTP, SFTP — these are all accessible from inside GoodReader. Download, upload, and sync individual files or huge folder collections.

With GoodReader, your data security steps up to the level previously only dreamt of. With Pro Pack® (*), our new set of professional-level super-features, you’ll get AES-256, a military-grade encryption, for all your data, at a price of a cup of coffee! And it’s completely independent from the built-in Apple’s Data Protection, so even if a hacker steals and unlocks your device, your data will still be protected by another strong layer of security, our own.


With the Pro Pack add-on, you can split an iPad screen in half and read two files side-by-side. And even two different parts of the same file!


2. Office 365

There are many different office software suites out there, but Microsoft Office remains the original and best, offering an unsurpassed range of features and functionality that rivals just can’t match.
Even better, Office 365 is a cloud-based solution which means you can use it on any computer, mobile device, or smartphone, without having to worry about compatibility. All your files are saved in the cloud and synced between devices, so you can begin work on a document at home or in the office, then continue working on it on the go.

Altogether, Office 365 remains the original and best when it comes to office suite software, so this is probably the first one you’ll want to look at when considering your options.

Office 365

3. Documents

Documents for iOS is developed by Savy Soda who are located in Melbourne, Australia. This essential application allows you to edit and manage spreadsheet & rich text files on your iPhone. Works both online and offline. You can also synchronize files to your Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and SkyDrive accounts and open files on your PC or Mac. Files can be opened using Microsoft Word and Excel, Open Office, Numbers, and all major office suites. Includes:

• iSpreadsheet (a premier spreadsheet app)
• Text Editor (to edit basic text)
• iPhone file browser (to view iPhone files)
• Google Sync (to upload/download documents)
• Dropbox Integration


• Smooth User Interface
• Portrait & Landscape mode
• Full support for .txt and .csv files
• Limited support for .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx files from Google Docs
• Google upload & download
• Files can be opened in Microsoft Excel, Word, Apple Numbers, TextEdit, Notepad, Openoffice & all leading office suites.
• Works anywhere online or offline.
• Spreadsheet supports formulas, formatting, resizing, and all basic spreadsheet features.
• Beautiful UI.

The Documents suite of apps is one of the most popular mobile office and file management solution for the iPhone and iPad. Over 30 million users choose Documents for their everyday business and productivity use.


4. Ulysses

Ulyssess can transform your texts into beautiful PDFs, Word documents and eBooks, properly formatted and styled. It also lets you export to HTML, ready to be used anywhere on the web. You can even publish to WordPress and Medium, right from within the app. Everything is just a click away, with on-the-fly switching of styles and a live preview built in.

Ulysses Helps You Focus on What You Want to Say

Many writers praise the way Ulysses encourages immersion with the text and testify how using it has considerably increased their productivity. Although it’s a fully-fledged writing tool, Ulysses manages to stay completely out of your way – it can therefore rival any distraction-free writing app.

Ulysses organises all your projects in one place.

Ulysses’ unified library holds everything you’ll ever write and is equipped for managing writing projects of all sizes and ambitions. Be it love letters, simple notes, daily blog posts or the Great American Novel – with Ulysses, your writing is in the best of hands. Thus, you can focus on getting the words down.

Ulysses lets you work anywhere, anytime- on the sofa, at a coffee shop, or while waiting for the bus. Work wherever you are, and whenever inspiration hits.

You can use Ulysses on all your Macs, iPads, and iPhones, relying on an identical feature set. With iCloud, your whole library syncs back and forth between all connected devices, and you can always continue where you left off.


5. ILG One

The ILG One app, is for businesses who want to be at the forefront of staff wellbeing analysis and communications technology. With unique and innovative features, the ILG One Platform app is a secure and easy way for Managers and Heads of Departments to improve work performance and communicate with their team. Key features include: –

Team Wellbeing

Collect important information such as wellbeing data directly from the app. Use repeat push notifications to remind Team Members to complete their wellbeing forms on a daily basis.

Player Profiles

Create a personalised area for each member of staff, allowing them to view a history of notifications, direct messages and assigned wellbeing programs.


Each staff member and manager has their own unique password for the app, to access their personal folders. Managers are notified if any screenshots are taken throughout the app to ensure all data is secured and monitored.

HR Profiler

Create bespoke HR reports within the platform using criteria tailored to your business. This ensures your HR reports are being produced based on your companies’ values and ethos.

Push Notifications & Messaging

Make sure your team is on track by sending them instant notifications and messages, reminding them of certain events or any changes made to their schedule. Managers can send direct messages to staff creating a private conversation within the app, eliminating the use of emails or text messages.

Optional Online Storage

With our Online Storage Hub, you can save and have readily available any type of file including, images, videos, PDFs, word and excel documents. With the added ability to permission access to these files this is the perfect tool for online document sharing.


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