18.06.2019 BLOG

Samsung’s new A40 and A70

If budget is a consideration and you are looking for a mid-range device for your employees, then the A40 could be the device for you. In summary, the A40 is a step up from the A20e and provides great value for money as a mid-range handset with its 24-megapixel camera and 4GB of RAM.

For a more powerful business device, take a look at the new A70 which boasts a film-friendly 6.7-inch screen and Samsung’s highest specification camera at 32 Megapixels. As you might expect, this larger device comes at a higher cost than the more modest A40 and A50.

Both devices have the infinity U display, giving the user what Samsung calls immersive viewing, an enhanced multi-window interface and a sleek screen to body ratio of 90%.

The specifications for each of the new handsets are as follows:

Galaxy A70 

6.7-inch AMOLED screen, Full HD + resolution with concave design, Infinity-U for front camera installation


128 GB capacity

32-megapixel rear camera

32-megapixel front camera (Samsung’s highest right now)

4,500 mAh battery supports 25 W Fast Charge

Finger scan sensor on the screen

Galaxy A40

A 5.9-inch AMOLED screen with Infinity-U design

Exynos 7904 chip


64 GB capacity

24-megapixel rear camera + 5 million pixels

25-megapixel front camera

Battery 3,100 mAh  – supports Fast Charge at 15 W

Rear finger scan sensor

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