07.10.2020 NEWS

Latest company update on COVID-19

A statement from our Managing Director & CEO; Richard Groves

On this page you will find Active Digital’s latest business information in relation to COVID-19.
We are all currently facing an unprecedented situation which is evolving daily. Despite the challenges of COVID-19, I want you to know both our organisations; Active Digital and ILG Business are open and ready for business.

We understand that in uncertain times, our clients need us more than ever and we committed to working as closely to our customers as possible. Our client-facing teams remain in place and continue to deliver services. Our professional team are working with clients, encouraging them to use our digital services, online store and continuing to deliver within our key performance indicators. At the same time, we are adhering to important public health restrictions and recommendations.

The technical team and I have been using this time to upgrade our systems and infrastructure. There have been some exciting and innovative developments in the enhancements of our bespoke IOS apps; particularly around our monitoring of employee wellbeing; more crucial now than ever. As an Apple partner and an expert in cloud solutions, we are taking our customers on a digital journey. If you haven’t already, now, is a great time to put measures in place to ensure your business can thrive. Consider how you can use digital applications from Active Digital to blend humans and tech together in harmony.

If there is one thing, that we have learned over two decades of being leaders in telecommunications, it is that providing a seamless customer experience is paramount. Even through a pandemic, we lead with differentiation. COVID-19 has demonstrated the importance of keeping both our customers and our employees connected.

Our focus right now is to hard work for you, our loyal customers whilst following the current advice to protect our people and their families. We have some exciting announcements and product launches coming soon from Active Digital. In the meantime, we wish you all the best and if you need any support during this period, please get in touch with our team on 01892 835522 or please use the live chat service.

Best wishes,


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