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How Next Chapter are Turning Doors on Domestic Abuse

Active Digital is delighted to announce that Colchester based domestic abuse charity, Next Chapter have signed a three-year contract for mobile communications.

Next Chapter explained to us how Covid-19 restrictions had made victims and perpetrators trapped together. This meant that last summer, domestic abuse was described by the United Nations as a “shadow pandemic” running alongside the Covid-19 crisis. The Government said between March and June, police figures recorded 259,324 cases with a domestic abuse element – a rise of seven per cent on the same period in 2019. Worse still, with schools closed for large parts of the year, children have been exposed to violence and abuse to an even greater extent.

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic has brought a new wave of challenges for the charity sector. Next Chapter approached us by a recommendation from an existing customer to ask where we could help.

Active Digital has been able to partner with Next Chapter to not only bring all their mobile contracts into alignment, but also to provide a fleet of new Samsung devices for their team. On top of that, we have also been able to reduce their overall telecom costs, giving the charity more money to put into other areas of their business.

Chief executive Beverley Jones said: “It is a gendered crime. We are seeing a rise in the numbers of men coming through to us, that could be because there has long been a social stigma attached to violence against men and seeking help. Drug and alcohol abuse and other issues often come as a result of domestic abuse.”

The charity, Next Chapter is making a real difference to support victims by providing confidential support. Furthermore, they offer refuge to between 110 and 120 women a year, alongside a similar number of children. Next Chapter runs purpose-built accommodation for up to twelve women and children who have reached a crisis point. In a separate refuge, the charity provides specialist support to victims also battling an addiction. Beverley said: “This is one of only two refuges in the country which is accommodating domestic abuse victims who also have drug and alcohol addictions.”

We have been humbled by the work Next Chapter are doing to support victims in traumatic situations and we salute the team at Next Chapter who are listening to the stories and doing their utmost to support those in these difficult times.

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