17.12.2020 NEWS

How Mobile Connectivity Supported Businesses During the Pandemic

It is fair to say that technology saved many businesses during the current Covid-19 pandemic. As COVID-19 has demonstrated, powerful, flexible and stable networks stand at the very heart of emergency response, education, business productivity and government operations. Hundreds of millions of people are suddenly gathering, learning and working online as social distancing keeps us physically apart. Wireless is playing an essential role in keeping us all connected, and for those of us in the industry, it is a responsibility we take seriously.

4G and 5G connectivity preserved £205 billion of business for the UK during the period of March to September by enabling many of the UK’s workers to work flexibly and remain productive at home.
Estimated through a combination of ONS data on economic output across UK sectors and employee activity monitoring, the figure represents financial protection of over 20% of a forecasted £956bn of economic output over the period – demonstrating the power of mobile connectivity in keeping Britain working through the extraordinary circumstances posed by COVID-19.

Healthcare is a prime example and the need for the 5G program is real, and now being seen. 5G’s ultra-low latency and high reliability opens up even more possibilities for medical innovation and efficiencies. For hospitals, private 5G networks can provide the flexibility to wirelessly stitch together a vast array of vital data sources and technologies, which can be tapped seamlessly in the cloud to monitor mission critical equipment, track epidemiological data, diagnose and treat patients, and restock inventories. Furthermore, people are now using data to monitor their health in their own homes.
Across the world, new technologies have also helped education transform – and kept students learning. In the U.S, there are 55 million children out of school, driving a sudden shift to online learning. That makes closing the digital divide more crucial than ever. Mobile data is providing more students and teachers with high-quality connectivity, ensuring that distance learners won’t need to wait for videos or applications to load properly. Going forward, we hope to see how 5G can enhance the learning experience, including showing students far corners of the galaxy or taking them on a guided tour of the cells of the human body. Wouldn’t that be amazing?
The impact of the pandemic on business has been incredibly tough for all. New research from O2, in partnership with Development Economics shows that one-fifth of the UK’s business have been protected by mobile connectivity since the global pandemic began. Here is a list of the top 10 uses of mobile connectivity during lockdown:

1. Calling family members and friends
2. Keeping up to date with the latest news
3. Playing games
4. Online TV/movie streaming
5. Contact a doctor
6. Working
7. Virtual Quiz Nights
8. Expressing solidarity with causes around the world e.g. Black Lives Matter protests
9. Online fitness classes
10. Enrolled in an online course

There is no question that this pandemic has changed things forever. We saw mobile devices as playing an important role in supporting businesses before the pandemic, but now; we see it has an even more critical role in supporting the UK’s businesses and the wider economy. Which is why, it is more important than ever to have a mobile partner you can trust and rely on. A telecoms company that gives you exactly what you need. These are key benefits of why thousands of customers put their trust in our team here at Active Digital and we would welcome the opportunity to talk to your business too.

Whatever the future holds, Active Digital can support you in being prepared, whatever comes next. We will help you stay connected and stay close to the people and things that matter most. With greater physical distancing, digital has now become a critical tool to enable social connections. Crisis creates opportunities to innovate. Before we jump to react, let’s take this opportunity to redefine digital using a more human-centered approach. Humanity calls for it.

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