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Business Mobile Phones: Are They Right For Your Company?

Business mobile phones come with a litany of benefits, especially if your employees aren’t permanently working from an office. But how do you know whether they’re right for your business? 

In today’s blog, we’ll be discussing the many benefits of business mobile phones to help you decide if they’re worth it for your company. 

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Business Mobile Phones: Apps for Businesses

If your employees don’t have business mobile phones, they’re probably not going to be doing work related to your business on their personal mobile phones. In fact, you’re likely encouraging them not to. That means that they, as well as all of your other employees, are missing out on the benefits of a whole world of apps designed for businesses. Many of these are particularly handy when your employees are on the go. 

One example of an app that’s perfect for business mobile phones is Slack, the messaging platform. Often seen as the business equivalent to Discord, Slack allows you to separate your company’s workflow into distinct channels, which essentially operate like group chats. This is particularly useful if your company has a large staff, or if there tend to be multiple projects happening simultaneously, with multiple different teams. 

There are a whole host of apps for business mobile phones, though: Google Analytics, Trello, and Hootsuite to name just a handful. 

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Business Mobile Phones Can Improve Your Work-life Balance 

Business mobile phones naturally make it a lot easier to work from home. For some businesses, they might even be crucial, especially if your employees are making important phone calls a lot. 

The ability to work from home means you will have full control of your working environment. If you’re someone who’s used to taking initiative, a remote environment could mean you end up being even more productive than you’d be in an office. Because when you’re in an office and, say, everyone’s trying to talk to you, there’s not many solutions available. 

Naturally, having access to business mobile phones also makes you and your employees more accessible. That’s ideal if your team is the type that prefers a quick phone call to an email- as long as no one’s overdoing it. 

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Save on Costs

From a business perspective, you can save quite a bit of money through business mobile phones if you go about it the right way. Business mobile phone solutions tend to be far less expensive than commercial and individual solutions. This is largely because all of the phones your business is using will come under the same contract. Your costs will be transparent and nothing will be hidden. 

You’re also often able to pool your data, meaning that if one employee is low on data, they can dip into your data pool without the business having to buy more. This will probably be crucial for any business, because not every employee will be using the same amount of data. 

We’re experts at building the best possible mobile phone strategy for your specific business, both in terms of providing you with the right devices, and the right contract. Our customer service runs 24/7, and you’ll have a dedicated Account Manager, plus much more. To find out more about our award winning mobile solutions, please contact Active Digital on 01892 835522.

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