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Active News Bites – Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus – our update

Just like the rest of the world, we have had to make changes around the way we work. Home working has been a key part of how we are operating. It’s important for our staff to stay home and stay healthy. We are fortunate enough to have the tools we need for this to happen and with no disruption to our customers.

Calls are still answered in the same way they always have been, along with support emails and live chat.

The whole team have kept in good spirits with the help of the team feed, inspirational support videos and messages have been added from various members. Along with a special workout for us to follow from “Retro Wicks” aka Richard Groves!

It is with regret that we are notifying customers of event cancellations at the O2 and Twickenham. If you have something booked through us at the O2, we will be in communication to advise of the rescheduled date. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Alex and she will be happy to help.

Tools to help your business

SMS Text Service

Are you needing to contact lots of people in one go? Have something informative that needs to be sent to a specific group?
Then our text messaging service is for you.
– Upload contact list from .csv or .xlsx files
– Click link reports
– Create customer campaign
– Customisable content

Comapi is a marketing interface which allows users to manage SMS from a single portal.


In last months newsletter you will have read all about our ILG One App. The team have been using this whilst working from home and we have all agreed, its been invaluable.
– Team Feed
– Group / Individual messaging
– Wellbeing questions
– Calendar updates

Would you like a short demonstration of how this could work for you? Contact our digital team to get this arranged today. Find out more

Active Digital Approved Used 

Do you need a new phone but don’t want to commit to the price of a new handset?

Why not take a look at our Approved Used handsets? We grade each handset from A which is perfect, to C which means there may be a few scratches or a little dent.

We can guarantee that all handsets are in full working order and well, as good as new nearly! Each device will have a 12 month warranty.

Check out our online store for all your handset and accessory needs.

Active Digital Store

iPhone Notes Hack

Did you know you can lock the notes on your iPhone?

Maybe your phone has become more of a family sharing tool rather than a personal business device? We understand that now more than ever our children take control of our phones to watch educational, informative content – or youtube?

Either way, if you use your notes app to document information then its probably essential that they cant be deleted or edited? We have created a video demonstration of how to lock your notes.

It’s quick, easy and puts your mind at ease that important information isn’t being compromised.

If you are still finding yourself without a phone because your child has ‘borrowed’ it again, we have a solution for this to! Why not have a look at our Izzy J Software which can be loaded onto an existing iPad or phone. It keeps them safe whilst they use a digital device. Meaning you can carry on with important work in the knowledge they aren’t accessing something they shouldn’t be. Read more here:Izzy J



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