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5 Signs You Should Switch Your Telecoms Provider

Are you happy with your telecoms provider? Many businesses are well aware that their telecoms could be improved, but they stick with the same provider because it feels like the easier option. In the long term, though, your business will reap massive benefits if you take the time to consider switching things up. 

Another reason businesses tend to stick with the same telecoms provider is because they don’t really know whether things could be better. So, in today’s blog, we’ll be looking at the telltale signs you should be switching to a different telecoms provider

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You’re Being Charged for Unnecessary Services by Your Telecoms Provider

It may be that your telecoms offering was sold to you as a big, sweeping bundle. While that may have seemed ideal at the time, there may be services and features that you’re paying for even though you never actually use them.

What’s the solution, then? Well, when it comes to Active Digital, we offer bespoke telecoms solutions that fit your business’s exact requirements. So you’d be paying for what you need, and not a penny more. 

Lacklustre Customer Service from Your Telecoms Provider

The reality is that, for many businesses, customer service just isn’t much of a priority. If your telecoms provider isn’t responsive, transparent, and ultimately helpful, then even a small hiccup in your network could drastically impact the efficiency of your business.

These days, virtual businesses need to be connected at all times, anywhere. Your provider needs to ensure that that’s a possibility, and if not, then it’s time to switch. 

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Your Company’s Not a Priority 

When you begin a relationship with a telecoms provider, it should never be a case of them setting up your solution and then going on their way. Your business is going to require attention, and that attention may be going elsewhere, likely to the sales and operations side of your provider’s business.

If your telecoms provider doesn’t seem to care enough to gather customer feedback, they’re probably not going to improve any time soon. Don’t settle for the bare minimum

Your Telecoms Provider Isn’t Listening 

Maybe your provider is requesting feedback, in the form of customer surveys. But if you keep reporting issues and nothing ever changes, then your provider either doesn’t deem the issues important enough to address, or your feedback was never actually sent up the chain of command. Good customer service isn’t just about listening- it’s about taking honest feedback on board, and acting upon it. 

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They’re Not Available When You Need Them

If your provider can’t be accessed 24/7, your entire business could be experiencing issues for hours, if not more. This would be less crucial if your business worked exclusively daytime hours, but even then, wouldn’t you rather have peace of mind that your provider will be able to keep your business running at all times? 

At Active Digital, we offer telecoms solutions regardless of your business’s size, or requirements. To find out more about how we could help your business, head to our Services page or contact Active Digital on 01892 835522.

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