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Active News Bites – Mintridge Technology Partnership

Mintridge Technology Partnership

At Active Digital, we have worked hard over the last twenty-five years to fund raise and support many UK charities. Over those years charities we have supported include, The British Red Cross, Help for Heroes, Ellenor, Joining Jack and many more. Like many industries, we have seen how UK charities have suffered during the wrath of Covid-19 which in turn has led to a decline in donations. At Active Digital, we wanted to kickstart the year by lending our support to a charity which has caught our attention with the work they are doing to support the lives of young people.

The Mintridge Foundation is a registered charity which is dedicated to enhancing life skills in young people through sport. They harness the power of sporting role models to help and influence young people by increasing sports participation, nurturing talent and enhancing life skills (including confidence and resilience). Equally, the work they do greatly increases awareness of the importance of mental and physical wellbeing. Their team of ambassadors are a mix of Olympians, Paralympians and other professional sports stars from over twenty sports, both team and individual. They work with young people in schools, clubs and academies across the UK.

You can read more about our Technology Partnership with The Mintridge Foundation under News and Events.

Great News – Rural Coverage getting better!

We have heard within the last week that O2, Three and Vodafone will partner to build and share 222 new mobile masts to boost rural coverage across the United Kingdom and deliver the first stage of the Shared Rural Network.

124 new sites will be built in Scotland, 33 in Wales, 11 in Northern Ireland, and 54 in England, with each operator leading on 74 of the new sites. Helping to boost coverage in each of the UK’s nations. The exact number and location of masts will be subject to finding suitable sites, obtaining power supply and backhaul and securing the necessary permissions through the planning system.

Build of the masts are expected to be completed in 2024 and work will begin this year!

The three mobile operators will now engage with local stakeholders and other key parties to ensure a timely and efficient roll out that unlocks the benefits of 4G for these rural communities offering customers in very remote areas increased choice and fuller value from their contracts where they live, work or travel.

4G service is expected to extend from 67% up to 84% and virtually eliminate Partial Not Spots. The Government will also spend over £500m to go even further to eliminate areas where there is no 4G coverage from any operator. This will result in every mobile operator reaching 90% of UK landmass, with a combined coverage of 95%.

In Northern Ireland the SRN will see 4G coverage rise to at least 85% of landmass from 75%; in Scotland it will rise to at least 74% from 42%; in England it will rise from 81% to 90%; and in Wales it will rise to at least 80% from 58%.

Here is what the network have to say:

Matt Warman, Minister for Digital Infrastructure, said:
“I’m delighted to see major progress being made to banish ‘not spots’ of poor or patchy mobile coverage. This new infrastructure will unlock the potential of rural communities in all four nations and offer greater choice of fast and reliable 4G services.

“As part of this new Shared Rural Network the government is also investing half a billion pounds on new masts in areas without any signal at all meaning no one is left behind.”

Mark Evans, CEO of O2, said:
“The Shared Rural Network is a new and more collaborative way of delivering greater investment in infrastructure to improve mobile digital connectivity – a high impact enabler of economic growth. I am delighted that O2 is working in partnership with other mobile operators to deliver the Shared Rural Network, which will support individuals, businesses and communities across rural Britain.”

Robert Finnegan, CEO of Three UK, said:
“Mobile connectivity is absolutely critical for communities around the UK helping to support local economies and keeping people connected with their friends and family. The Shared Rural Network will have a transformative effect on coverage across the UK and it is great to be working with the rest of the industry to achieve this.”

Nick Jeffery, CEO of Vodafone UK, said:
“We know connectivity is vital and the only way to fill the holes in the UK’s mobile coverage is to work together. Our unique collaboration with O2 and Three will deliver 222 new sites in parts of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland that need better connectivity. Delivering the Shared Rural Network will make a huge difference to communities across the UK.”

iPhone 12 Tariff from £34 per month…

Exclusive to Active Digital, you can now get the new iPhone 12 128GB and 18GB Data from £34 per month.

Whats included…
O2 Network
Unlimited UK minutes and text
18GB UK data
Calls to the EU
1 month data rollover
Active Care to protect your handset
iPhone 12 128GB in a choice of colours
You can see all of our new exclusive iPhone 12 offers here:


All prices plus VAT

Business in 10

Do you know someone looking for a a new mobile phone service provider?

Here at Active Digital we understand how important it can be to get a quick timely response when enquiring about mobile phone requirements, that’s why we have created our new Business in 10.

We have made it ever more simple for businesses under 25 to get a quote in 10 minutes.

Contact us on our website using live chat to get a mobile quotation on O2, EE or Vodafone.

Our experienced team are waiting to hear from you!


For businesses with 26 or more mobiles please contact us via email at [email protected] or give us a call on 01892 835522.

Customer Experience Text Survey-

There has now been an update on the dates that you may receive the customer satisfaction text from O2.

You can now expect a text on the following days:
Thursday 11 February 2021
Thursday 25 February 2021
Thursday 11 March 2021

If you receive, or have received a text message recently, we would be very grateful if you could please take a moment to complete the short survey giving us the best possible score. It is important to gather and monitor feedback so we can maintain and continuously improve on our service. Thank you.

Any questions on this survey please contact our support team on 01892 835522

Let’s talk. 01892 835522

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