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Active Hub

A new era for the company intranet

Active Digital has developed the Active Hub Platform for organisations who want to be at the forefront of team performance analysis and communications technology. With the app, you can improve teamwork, performance, customer service, team communications, leadership, motivation and always have a track of where your team members are.

Check out our homepage video where David Ridley or Caterham Cars, discusses how he thinks the Active App can bring Caterham Cars ahead of the competition.

This well designed, easy to use, innovative application is, in our view, the new company intranet.

Bring your organisation up to full speed with instant messaging, push notifications and gain valuable insight across your whole business. With its unique and innovative features, your company can embrace the digital age and you’ll gain valuable employee engagement like never before. Each Manager and Employee has their own unique password for the app, to access their personal folders. Managers are notified if any screenshots are taken throughout the app to ensure all data is secure and monitored.

Feature List


Document Storage
Provide all app users with direct access to team related documents. Files can be downloaded locally to the app and viewed whilst the device is offline.


Performance Wall
Keep the team up to date with team performance, targets, upcoming events, new customer wins, new starters etc. all through the performance wall.


Employee Wellbeing
Collect important information such as wellbeing, workload percentages, directly from the app. Set regular performance tracking for the employees to understand their views on team morale and overall employee happiness within the organisation.
Use repeat push notifications to remind your employees to complete their wellbeing forms as and when requested.


Video Wall
Distribute video content and the associated tagging files through our video module. Compatible with both xml and CSV files produced within various tagging software. Videos can be downloaded locally within app and viewed whilst the device is offline.


Private messaging
Directors and Managers can send direct messages to employees creating a private conversation within the app, eliminating the use of emails or text messages.


Push Notifications
Make sure your team is on track by sending them instant notifications, reminding them of certain events or any changes made to their schedule.


Staff Whereabouts
Managing employees in the field has always been a challenge. Active Hub provides employers and all employees with a live update status of where you are. However, eliminating the ‘Big Brother’ approach in the workplace, staff whereabouts strikes the perfect balance. All employees update their status themselves, logging their movements throughout the day and not invading employee privacy.
Status updates can be tailored to each organisation and our most popular examples include, in the office, customer meeting, remote working, sick leave, holiday, maternity leave, conference call etc.


Contact List
Quick access to contact details for all employees on one managed place.


Interested in Active Hub?

For an Active Hub Platform Quote, please contact us.