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11.05.2020 Blog

Wearable Fitness Technology for your Employees

From FitBits to the Apple Watch, wearable fitness technology has weaved itself into society and the future of wearable devices shows no sign of slowing down. The increasing demand of consumers to monitor their own health means that the use of wearable technology has more than tripled in the last four years. According to research…

06.05.2020 News

Active News Bites – May

Managing a crisis like Covid-19 Many of us know the pros and cons of working from home. Especially those who have young children or even possibly older children who had been undergoing the stresses of exams. Through these unprecedented times, telecommunication companies, such as ourselves, Active Digital, is considered an essential service provider. We take…

06.05.2020 Blog

Lockdown sees UK mobile data usage on the rise

It comes as no surprise that we have seen the rise of the amount of data being used during this lockdown period. More people are working from home, some relying on their mobile to hotspot for their connection. Zoom calls, FaceTime calls, WhatsApp video calling to name a few, have literally seen us ploughing through UK…

24.04.2020 News

Sanofi and GSK to join forces in unprecedented vaccine collaboration to fight COVID-19

In an official press announcement on the 14th April 2020, Sanofi and GSK announced that they have signed a letter of intent to develop an adjuvanted vaccine for COVID-19, using innovative technology from both companies, to help address the ongoing pandemic. Sanofi, a valued customer to Active Digital for over two decades, will contribute its…

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