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15.04.2019 News

David Strettle’s Testimonial Dinner

Saracens, of course, are familiar with Strettle’s assets from the contributions he made to the two titles won during his five years with them. But when Strettle headed to France on the eve of the 2015 Rugby World Cup it was assumed that it would be a Gallic swansong, all the more so given that…

31.03.2019 News

O2 Partner Awards at the Tower of London

The focus on the customer experience means that when a customer chooses to work with an accredited O2 partner they can be assured they will receive first class products and services combined with the partner’s expertise from a trusted representative of the O2 brand. At the awards, Active Digital scooped both awards for customer excellence…

29.03.2019 News

Huawei claims to have the world’s fastest foldable 5G phone

It will release only in blue which will be emblazon on the hinge, which Huawei has called “Falcon Wing Hinge Design”, boasting incredible portability when in large mode. On the body is a fingerprint sensor on the right-hand side. The camera has a mirror function where you can snap a person and they can view…

29.03.2019 News

The Future of Mobile

Lau made the prediction at a panel session on 5G and its capabilities. Lau believes that 5G will have three stages, with the second really beginning to take effect from 2021 after the initial launch phase. He predicted that a host of smart functionalities would come out between 2021 and 2025, with a third stage culminating in…

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