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Why customers should protect their devices with Active Care

As consumers hold onto devices for longer mobile insurance sees a stark rise. The tendency for consumers to hold onto devices for more than two years has been earmarked as the main reason for a 700 per cent rise in the popularity of mobile insurance policies according to insurers and analysts.

The mobile insurance industry has grown from just three per cent of customers with insurance plans to 28 per cent in the past 10 years and is on track to be worth £12.95 billion by 2019 according to Finaccord.

Head of Devices at Active Digital, Jan Homonicky commented, "as our customers choose to hold onto their devices for longer, it makes financial sense for them to gain extra warranty cover for their device through our custom built Active Care program. This has become of our most popular own branded services, which provides an excellent support experience to business customers.”

A staggering £27million worth of smartphones are stolen every year – with iPhones the main target for thieves. Figures from Direct Line show crooks helped themselves to 67,000 mobiles last year, that’s 183 every day in the 12 months to March 2016. More than half of gadgets pinched were Apple devices with iPhones accounting for almost a third and iPads a close second at more than one in five.

Business Director, Jo Wimble-Groves commented "sometimes it's easy to forget that we can be carrying a £1000 iPhone in our pocket, which in turn, can make us a key target for theft. These are highly desirable devices and we have seen a rise in customers calling us to say they have had their mobile phone stolen whilst they were talking on it, with quite a few incidents of theft being reported on Oxford Street in central London".

Customers can now protect their smartphone with Active Care from £70 per year (excess charges apply). To make things even easier, we don’t need any paperwork. Your company devices are protected on a worldwide scale from the day you join.

What's included?

Up to 3 repair claims per calendar year

Free tempered glass screen protector

Complete cover for acciental damage and loss

Next day loan phone service provided

In summary, the life cycle of a smartphone is longer now and sonsumers are spending more and want to see a return on their investments, so it makes sense to protect their investment with our care plan.

For more information, please contact us on 01892 835522 or email


Posted on 31 May 2018