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What's coming from Apple on 25 March?

Of course, the tight-lipped Apple rarely gives a clear heads-up on what it plans to show off at events like these. So we have taken some predictions on what we think might be coming...

There’s been almost as much buzz about Apple’s “Netflix for news” service as there has been for its actual Netflix competitor. The new subscription product was first rumored about early last year after Apple bought magazine subscription app Texture, with the idea being that you’ll be able to pay a single monthly fee to get to read articles from publications like The Wall Street Journal and Time magazine right from inside a new version of the Apple News app.

We are also seeing rumours of a new Apple Pay credit card, Bloomberg reports. Backed by Goldman Sachs, the digital credit card will give Apple Payers two percent back on all purchases they make with it and even more back when they spend on Apple products, people familiar with the program told The Wall Street Journal. Most importantly for Apple, transactions from its own credit card should mean larger payouts for the company compared to what it typically enjoys with swipes from third-party cards loaded into Apple Pay. This fintech play may not sound like a super fun announcement for Apple fans, but it certainly plays into the company’s plan to become less revenue-dependant on slowing gadget sales.

Another rumour flying around, it that Apple in the process of developing a version of its Apple TV box that will come in stick form—akin to the kind that Amazon, Google and Roku make. And in a final rumour, many sources are expecting a new iPad. Leaks have pointed to a new iPad mini coming from Apple, which would sport the same 7.9-inch screen and general design as the 2015 model but with more modern performance hardware under the hood. There’s also an even newer report that has Apple working on an iPad with an all-new, 10.2-inch screen size that would replace the company’s budget 9.7-inch tablet.

No one knows for sure what will be released later this month, other than Apple themselves, so sit tight and we'll give you all the annoucements when we have them on March 25th. 



Posted on 20 March 2019