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The new Active Store

Our simple, accessible and innovative new online store.

We want to make finding the right mobile packages for our customers as easy as possible. Therefore, we have created an online store which allows you to view packages and prices in a simplified and transparent way, giving you more time to focus on your business. The Active Store is accessible, no-fuss, and avoids the overcomplications which often come with sorting out your business communications.

“As a business man myself, I understand that time is money,” says Managing Director Richard Groves. “Therefore, the option of an online store that sets out all the phone deals in a simplified, transparent way is invaluable. I am very excited to launch this innovative store and look forward to nurturing new partnerships”.

With it you’ll find the best packages on phones and tablets, plus exclusives like Active Care and Onsite Tech Session packages, all with consistent pricing. We take pride in the exclusive options available; the Active store is one of very few which offer a tablet and phone package together, and subsequently provide ongoing support for your network.



We believe that the Active Store is the most accessible way of sorting your company communications; prices are readily available online rather than through phoning up for a quote, and packages are clear and simple. If you need any help, it’s as easy as using the chat feature on screen.

We enable you to avoid any disconnectedness when it comes to sorting out your mobile networks; all your devices and support can be found in exactly the same place. As an award-winning company, we take our customer experience very seriously and strive to provide the best. As well as this, you will receive ongoing support after joining us.

Active Digital is planning an official launch in September, but the site is currently live and waiting for you to take a look!


Posted on 08 August 2018